Tuesday, October 16, 2007

January Solicits DC

Nightwing's new creative team includes Rags Morales. Okay, I can live with that. More than live with that.

Supergirl is getting another new direction. Oh, the suspense. *yawn* I just hope it's well done, whatever it is this time.

Green Arrow/Black Canary 4 has a number of folks wondering whose body Ollie is cradling. Speculation has included Mia, Connor, and Roy. I can't believe they'd kill Roy, but just in case, I think that would kill my love for most DC superhero titles, again. But this time, instead of dropping all comics when Supergirl died, there are non-superhero titles and a few that work well on their own, like The Spirit, that I could keep reading, but with so many storylines intertwined in the DCU these days, avoiding reminders that my fav character is gone would be difficult. Losing my favorite characters really does suck the joy out of the medium for me. Yeah, I'm probably overreacting, a lot, but given how little respect Roy gets, despite finally making it into the JLA, and yeah, dead isn't always dead (but I can't believe even Judd would try that 2 stories in a row). What bugs me even more tho, is that Occasional Superheroine doesn't respect Roy, either. It's like she's rooting for it to be him. *shudder*

On the other hand, it looks like Booster Gold is gonna be great, with Michael trying to save Ted.

Let's consider this listing for The Spirit 14 for a moment: "Written by Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier; Art by Mike Ploog; Cover by Jordi Bernet " Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier. 'Nuff said.

Jakeem is back in Justice Society of America!

And another Manhunter collection. Could the promised revival of the monthly come next year?

Edited to add: Almost forgot to mention the long-rumored "lost" original Teen Titans Annual looks like it will finally be released! I'm really looking forward to that.


  1. Anonymous2:55 AM EDT

    Oh, man. I am so worried about that cover. I'd like to just relax and feel confidant that is won't be Roy, but my gut tells me to worry. I hate the way message boards have posters calling for it to be Roy, really gets my back up, fans suck somtimes.

    I'm going to be watching carefully over the next two months for the solicits to show Roy in some future story before my worry will ease.

    I know what you mean about the joy being sucked out when a fav dies, a lot of people don't understand, they just say there are plenty of other characters, but for me, my enjoyment of those other characters seems to be there because Roy is around.

    I liken it too my other hobby, breeding bird. I have two favorite birds that started me off on this hobby, love them dearly (*hides* yeah, they are named Roy and Ollie. LOL)...if they were to sddenly get sick and die, I know I would not have the heart to keep the other birds, to keep seeing them every day and being reminded of the ones I lost, and as much as I like them I would not allow myself to love them as much as my favs because, well, the same thing might occur to them. I'd sell them all if that happened. Same with Comics, Roy dies, and there's nearly $100 a month that I will be saving because I will not have the heart to continue reading and hoping.

    It may seem silly to some, but thats me. Follow a character for 30 yrs and its a big chuck of my life that goes when he does.

    DC's 'kill for drama" policy really sucks.

  2. I'm glad someone else understands. Supergirl's death was so painful for me back in '85. I grew up with her. She was like my super alter ego.

    And yes, fans suck sometimes, especially on message boards, which is why I stopped reading them.

    If Roy dies this time, there are probably mainstream DCU books I'd keep reading. I'm enjoying Catwoman too much to give that up, most likely, and JSA, Checkmate, Shadowpact. Mostly, books where Roy never appeared!

    As for the death as drama, I don't mind it, but it's getting overdone (look at all the New Gods dropping like flies). I hated when Sue Dibny died, but I managed to live with it. And then Ralph, and I loved Ralph so much, but it was so well done and he was reunited with Sue, so it was okay.

    But Roy....