Sunday, October 21, 2007

Three More

Still trying to catch up. Still falling far short of that goal.

Crossing Midnight 11
This mature fantasy title continues to intrigue. Kai's attempts to help a young, confused girl in the sex trade leads to another creature of myth come to life, while his sister bargains for her identity with Lord Aratsu, the mythical being who owns her services. Both teens are strong and capable, but there's an arrogance in Kai's sister (okay, I forgot her name and am too lazy to look it up), while Kai tries hard to cope with all he's seen and done by trying to be in control despite his fears. There's a nice mix here of reality and fantasy, of growing up amidst great horrors. And the art suits the mood well.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7
Faith's story, part 2. Things look like they're going well, then things get turned around for Faith. Never the most stable of the Buffy gang of characters, Faith could easily find herself in a mess she can't get out of. Or one she thinks she wants that can't end well for her. The complexity of character that made the show so great is in full evidence here. And we get a bit more about Dawn's growth spurt. Her conversation with Willow is wonderful.

Simon Dark 1
Wow, what a great, creepy, intriguing start to a new comic. I might not be all that well read, at least in this dark horror genre, or whatever it is, but to me, Simon is a fresh character. I want to know who and what he is. I already feel for him. He has scruples, principles, paying for what he takes, trying to do the right thing, teaching himself, while unable to fit in anywhere but the darkness. I'm looking forward to the next issue.

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