Friday, October 19, 2007

More Reviews

Checkmate 19
"The Wall Strikes Back" and how. Amanda Waller is one mean bitch and she's got the goods on everyone. I want to see her taken down, hard, and yet, I want her to hang around because she's just so much fun to root against. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Jack of Fables 15
Still fun, even if Jack is a copy of John. Rather ingenious that. And we learn more about Revise. But the best line? Jack exclaiming, "I'm nothing more than a living typo?" It don't get much better than this.

Brave and Bold 7
Featuring Wonder Woman and Power Girl, with Superman. Dr. Alchemy tries to use PG to kill Supes. It doesn't work, of course, but it does give Diana and Kara a chance to work together despite their different approaches to the hero biz. Some nice bits in this, making for a solid one-issue story after the long intro arc.

The Spirit 10
A fill-in story while the Spirit recovers from his injuries in the previous issue. It's a nicely done conceit and the story itself, about a cable news war with the competition literally being killed is clever and entertaining.

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  1. Amanda Waller is amazing. How can one woman be so completely terrible and awesome all at the same time?

    In the Brave and the Bold, my first thought was that Kara was back on the diet soda.