Friday, November 09, 2007

Another Batch of Reviews

Anita Blake: The First Death 1-2
This had a couple of things going for it that the Guilty Pleasures adaptation doesn't. First, it actually ended, while the adaptation is still ongoing, to resume with issue 7 in January. The art by Wellinton Alves is less stylized than the other and I liked it a bit more. And third, though this didn't matter to me because I've never read the books, this was new material by Anita's creator, Laurel K. Hamilton, and Jonathon Green. I still wouldn't mind seeing how she got started as a vampire hunter and the raiser of zombies, and why, but this was fun and didn't require too much thinking.

Infinity Inc 3
I think I'm dropping this. Not because it isn't good -- I haven't decided on that yet -- but because the disconnected feel of the storytelling coupled with the disenfranchised characters is becoming an emotional drain. I admire the whole "what happens after the powers are taken away" concept, but this book just hasn't grabbed me and I need to trim my pull list, not because of the expense but because I don't have time to read everything, anymore. And it's a shame because I really wanted to love this, because I'd loved John Henry and Natasha so much in 52.

Supergirl 23
Can someone please explain to me what this mess of an opening chapter is supposed to be? Aside from the lack of panties on this 16-17-year-old super girl, WTF? Batman's testing her with mystery gifts? After all this time? Only she can track an enemy command center for the GLs? She has to hold her breath? She tells Superman after that she's sorry? For what? Then she's back in her apartment and goes through a portal? And the coming attractions say: "Supergirl must confront the ghosts of Krypton, and she'll never look at Superman the same way again!" Uh, how many times is this ghosts of Krypton thing gonna come up, anyway? And the whole view of Supes idea? Is the whole thing a dream? I love intrigue and really have no problem with writers slowly revealing the plot, but given the reboots and problems this book has had finding a solid direction that works for this character in today's DCU, I really can't help thinking that confusing mentally and emotionally exhausted readers who want only to love the new Kara is not a good way for a writer to start his or her run on the book. Instead of establishing his take on Kara, and giving us a solid foundation on which he'll build his stories, he goes off in a direction I sure can't follow. I'm no novice reader and I want to give this book every chance, but Puckett sure hasn't given me a reason to keep reading. feh

Atom 17
Now this book is weird to the nth power and yet, it's relatively easy to follow, makes me chuckle and then fret over Ryan's situation. Gail Simone knows how to introduce her stories, build them to satisfying conclusions, all while letting us get to know the characters. Wonder Woman makes for a nice guest star, now that Gail's taking over writing her, and I loved Ryan calling her Ms. Woman. And his love life can use some real help. heh

Crossing Midnight 12
"Bedtime Stories" concluded, but the story of Kai's sister continues, with a real "be careful what you wish for" cliffhanger. This is gritty fantasy, well done.

Jack of Fables 16
A Halloween interlude that continues the trend to connect Jack to every character ever named Jack in myth and fable and reveals that he really died and has been making deals with a succession of devils to be restored to life and stay that way. Fun stuff.

Criminal 10
This concludes the Lawless story and I'm happy that Ed Brubaker says in his essay that Tracy Lawless will return. I can accept that there can't really be happy endings in the Crime Noir genre, but I sure have come to care about Tracy. I love this book.

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