Saturday, November 10, 2007

Interesting Search String

Apparently, someone landed here by searching on Google for: tennis stars boobs. Now, having no interest in tennis, I doubt I mentioned it, but maybe I did. Still, if I were to Google that set of words, and a blog called "Shelly's Comic Book Shelf" came up, I'd doubt its relevance. Maybe someone was really curious. I hope they were entertained. I'd hate to have disappointed anyone.

The more generic "comics boobs" and "boobs comics" also brought people here yesterday. The boobs rule!


  1. What an odd thing to be looking for. Perhaps they should simply read Wizard instead.

  2. That's two chuckles today from you, Sally. You're on a roll! :)

  3. Anonymous2:56 AM EST

    Here's what is getting you result

  4. Interesting that it searches comments. But I didn't use the word "tennis." ;)

    Still, it does make me wonder about someone who would search for that, and still click on a link for a blog with the word "comics" in the URL and title. Why anyone would think they'd find tennis stars here is beyond me.

  5. Hey, I play tennis! AND I have boobs!