Friday, November 23, 2007

Comics on TV

I enjoy Numb3rs, but with Stargate: Atlantis opposite it, I only watch when Stargate isn't on or is a rerun. Today was one of those nights, fortunately, because Wil Wheaton was on and it was about comics. The show was fun, with a nice guest star turn by Christopher Lloyd, which led to a wonderful last scene when his character visited the lead characters, including their father, played by Lloyd's former co-star Judd Hirsch from Taxi. Wil Wheaton, as an obnoxious comic book creator/collector/investor, was also good. For some reason, he does well with annoying characters, but at least (spoiler...) he wasn't the bad guy. As for the comic con aspect of the show, it seemed to be one of the better depictions of comic book fangirls and fanboys, except, y'know, for the lack of fangirls.

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