Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three Good Ones and One Okay Comic

The okay one is Countdown... 24
Superman Prime throws a major temper tantrum and wantonly kills anyone and everyone who doesn't fit his ideal, destroying worlds as he seeks the perfect Earth. It's always fun seeing different versions of Earth, but this issue didn't advance the plot threads sufficiently to elevate this to Good.

Suicide Squad 3
This is fun, with lots of action and good character development, showing the complexity of these people. No one's all good or all evil. The visit to Skartaris was fun, as was the brief but important appearance of Jennifer Morgan. I'd thought this miniseries was going to cover the time until Rick was rescued, as seen in the new Checkmate series, but that happened this issue and we're only halfway done with the story, so I'm really intrigued by the possibilities of what's to come.

Booster Gold 4
Damn, but this is a fine, fun book. Finding out it was.... (dramatic spoiler space)....
Booster's father in the Supernova suit made sense and yet still caught me by surprise. Nicely done. I've enjoyed seeing Barry and Wally, and Skeets vs Maximillion was a hoot. This series is hitting a lot of points in the DCU's history and I'm eagerly awaiting next issue. I can't imagine that preventing Barbara Gordon from being paralyzed by the Joker would be good for the DCU as a lot would be undone if she doesn't become Oracle and she'd have no reason to remake herself without that impetus. This is one book you need to pay carefyl attention to while reading.

Simon Dark 2
I'm not a big horror/occult fan, but whatever this is, it's good. I like that we didn't need to wait long to see what was behind Simon's mask, and yet, that only adds to the mystery of who and what he is. This is shaping up to being more complex than I'd first thought. I don't know how long it can last, but I'm loving it while it's here.


  1. Gosh, but Booster Gold was fabulous. I don't know HOW they are going to pull off the next issue, but I'll be breathlessly awaiting it.

    And somebody really should do something about Superbrat Prime. Since he seems to be aging phycically if not mentally, (mentally, he's about two) maybe he's just going to dissolve into a fine pile of dust one of these days.

  2. LOL, Sally. Superbrat Prime is suffering from permanent "terrible twos." ;)

  3. I'm really enjoying "Suicide Squad". Ostrander knows how to work with these characters.

    If you haven't checked out "Salavation Run" you should, Chen's art is great and the story is fun.

  4. I was tempted by Salvation Run, but I think I'll wait and see if there's a collected edition.