Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Introducing Ursa

Ursa's pretty cool, and I tend to get the kickass female character figures, so I had to get Ursa. Next month is the Wonder Woman set of Donna Troy, Diana, and Diana Prince (I'll pass on Circe). For this set, I'm undecided about getting Zod. The Superman from this set is fairly nice, so I'm tempted. It's been hard to find a Superman, and Batman, I like.


  1. Each to his/her own preferred Superman doll. I think the Superman face from that series look like Thomas Haden Church with black hair! I have hopes for the Showcase Superman since the Curt Swan Superman will always be my ideal.

  2. I said it was the best so far, but I'm still not happy with any of the Superman figures. If the face is good, the body isn't and vice versa. The same for Batman. I despair of every finding one I like that will play well with my other figures. And with all the others I have, various versions of Supergirl, Superboy, Power Girl, etc, I want a Superman to go with them and guide them and uh...

    I have to keep reminding myself they're just toys. heh