Sunday, December 16, 2007

Best for Last

I can't bring myself to spoil Suicide Squad 4. I just can't. That last page, the big revelation/cliffhanger, just wow. Waller, of course, is just as arrogant as ever since her ouster from Checkmate, but all I care about is the next issue to see the ramifications of what she tells Rick Flag.

Green Lantern 25
It really doesn't get better than this. Super-sized, with stunning art. The Sinestro Corps War was everything Amazons Attack should have been and more. Hal, John, Guy, and Kyle make for a formidable quartet, the people of Coast City prove themselves heroes, Hal's brother does have a backbone, and there were oodles of little details that added up to a great whole. Ramifications of changing the Guardians' Law about killing. Sinestro not being evil in the traditional sense, but wanting the GL Corps to match his image of them. The role of fear. The possibility of other Corps: Red, Violet, Blue, etc. and a Darkest Night that could destroy all. Guy stricken and he's still able to battle. Kilowog telling Coast City citizens: "It was our fight, Poozers. And it's our mess to clean up." Prime arrogant one minute, then crying like a baby for someone to help him. Hal and Kyle taking Sinestro down the old-fashioned way, with all 3 powerless, using just their human strength. People rushing to move back to Coast City brought tears to my eyes. And then, that full page of our 4 Earth GLs, flying proud.

And then, hints of the future, the Blackest Night. Coming in 2009! If any book earned the right to think epically, it's Green Lantern.


  1. It was one heck of a comics week, that's for sure. Suicide Squad was indeed very very good.

    Oh, but wasn't Green Lantern #25 fabulous? In the middle of all the brawling and battling, there were such lovely small moments as well.

    And I DID enjoy seeing Superbrat Prime cry for help. Weiner!

  2. I think I'll be thinking about GL 25 for quite a time to come. It just left such a nice feeling behind.