Friday, December 14, 2007

I Read Some Comics

And I'm here to tell you a bit about them.

Nightwing 139
Another installment in the Ra's Al Ghul storyline running through the Bat books that I'm not reading, except for here. Next issue, Peter Tomasi, Rags Morales, and Michael Bair take over as the new creative team, but I wouldn't mind if Fabien Nicieza, Don Kramer, and Carlos Rodriguez stayed on the book. Despite my not knowing the rest of the story -- and this issue stood on its own better than the previous one -- this was a nice take on Dick. As much as Wolfman's run on the book was a breath of fresh air after Jones butchered Dick's personality, Nicieza has made Wolfman look like a hack. Marv was writing Dick like he had just become Nightwing or some such. Serviceable, but Dick's not fresh out of the Titans, anymore. But Nicieza writes a more mature Dick, someone who mentors, comforts, leads. His scenes with Tim were awesome, conveying the true feelings of almost-brothers that they are. And it was nice seeing I Ching, too, even if he's probably not the version of the character I remember from way back. And Dick has never looked better.

Countdown 20
Most of the parts might be interesting, but they aren't adding up to a whole that can come close to touching 52 yet. We've got OMACs. We have the search for Ray Palmer narrowed down. Jimmy's still in a bit of a fix. Piper isn't as crazy as it appeared when Trickster was killed, and he's still the best part of the book. And Mary isn't completely turned to the dark side and can actually think for herself when she wants. The book/story doesn't really seem to be going anywhere, and yet, there's a feeling of inevitability to it. My enthusiasm for this is waning.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 3
So, Everyman's impotence, plus his superior strength is what led to Dinah killing "Ollie." Okay, a bit lame, but I'll accept it, because I'm really enjoying this book. The Amazons tie-in fits with Countdown, in that Granny Goodness in the form of Athena, but not with the current Wonder Woman book. I wish I knew where that fits in continuity. At any rate, Mia was fun, and the overall banter was enjoyable and what I expect from the Arrow family. They're just so much lighter and happier than the Bat family. I'm glad we weren't kept in suspense until next month's issue to find out whose body Ollie is cradling, and we don't know that that character is dead, so there's hope. And no, I'm not spoiling it. There's no need to say anything as it's the last page and quite dramatic. I loved Dinah's reunion with Ollie and I'm glad that wasn't dragged out over more issues. And Cliff Chiang can stay on this book forever as far as I'm concerned. The art is light, yet not cartoonish. The faces have expressions, the women sexy without being slutty, and shirtless Ollie was fairly hot. And the coloring has been great. Connor hasn't been colored as white. Nice.

Wonder Woman 15
Much as I loved last issue, I loved this more. It felt less scattered as Gail settles in now that she's established the plot threads she'll be dealing with in this first arc or two. The Dodsons, like Chiang, draw sexy, not slutty females, and Diana Prince got to shine as much as Diana. The secret of the night of Diana's birth is getting more intriguing with every panel. I'm hooked.

Booster Gold 5
It was just as I'd thought and much more. The chance to prevent Barbara Gordon from being shot by the Joker was too much for Booster to pass up, especially since it's the last thing he needs to do before Rip Hunter will give him the chance to save Ted. And yet... and here I need to include a spoiler..... Rip lied to make a point. Babs was destined to be crippled and become Oracle, same as Ted was destined to be killed by Max Lord. Booster risks death to keep trying to stop the Joker, and his stubbornness, bravery, and dedication. Booster is understandably pissed, but that last page... well, I won't spoil that. It was super cool. It was also nice seeing Babs in action as Batgirl and the echo of the art from A Killing Joke was well done.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 9
A satisfying conclusion to the Faith arc, with no pat ending when it comes to Faith and Buffy. Faith and Giles do come to terms and a partnership, and I'm reminded all over again how much I miss the tv show. This is good stuff.

Still to come: Green Lantern, Suicide Squad, Simon Dark.


  1. Anonymous1:54 AM EST

    Those scenes between Tim and Dick in Nightwing were very powerful, brought a tear to my eye.

    GA/BC had me upset over that characters death, then releived it wasn't the other character we both love who died. Really though, I desperately wanted it not to happen because I love all the arrows. I think future solicits make it feel like the real thing. Interesting that he died the same way Titan's East were attcked and the New Gods seem to have been dying, a shot from the sky. wonder it it's all linked?

    Also theres some traitors in the midst of the heroes? Hmm, wonder who they will turn out to be.

    Booster Gold is a book that I'm surprised I'm enjoying as much as I am. Neve followed the character before, but he's interesting me now.

  2. Yes, I was misty-eyed reading the Dick/Tim scenes, too.

    Interesting idea re: the Titans East and the New Gods. I hadn't thought of that. You might be right. Hopefully, we'll find out soon.

    The traitors bit does have me wondering and worrying. ;)

    And I'm fairly new to Booster, having discovered him in the Ted Kord is killed storyline. I'm really enjoying him. He's a different sort of hero, but noble in his own way.

  3. The Nightwing/Tim scenes were very nice indeed.

    Countdown is becoming rather annoying, but I still keep plugging away with it.

    Green Arrow/Black Canary delights me with its gorgeous artwork. Just like the Wedding Special however, I was enchanted for most of the book, with witty dialogue and fun, beautiful artwork, only to be slapped in the face on the last couple of pages with yet ANOTHER idiotic "death" scene. This one apparently by an angry cloud.

    At least it wasn't Roy. But darn it, I LIKE Conner!

    Wonder Woman was beautiful, and intriguing, and that's a very nice thing to be able to say about Wonder Woman.

    Poor Booster. That was a VERY hard lesson that Rip taught him. Not that I think that he'll stop trying.

  4. Until we know why Conner was shot, I wouldn't call it idiotic. And since Ollie didn't die, we haven't had a death yet. Sure, it's a cliffhanger and yes, it's a rather cliched one, but not every writer is as skilled as, say, Geoff Johns. :)

    Clearly, we've got some serious consipracy going on against the superhero community and a grudge against the Arrow family and I want to know what! heh

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM EST

    The traitor thing has me worrying also. I'm hopeing the fact that our boy is going to be in the new Titan's ongoing come April, and the fact that the Arrow family has already taken a hit, rules him out. DC makes me nervose lately and anything is possible.

    Oh, and I wanted to mention, RA made a fun two page appearance in Captain Carrot this week I totally amazed me that he got more panel time in that then he got in the latest JLA. But, they more Roy there is the happier am. :)

  6. I'm hoping the traitor(s) is(are) peripheral characters.

    As for Roy, Captain Carrot? I have to go look for Captain Carrot?! Okay.

  7. Wonder Woman #15 has an editor's note that says the events in it happen before Countdown #30, which was the first time we saw Granny Athena's New Amazons.

  8. Thanks. I must've missed that. I wish we had a timeline. :)