Monday, April 14, 2008

Miscellaneous Comics-Related Stuff

Do I want this? On the one hand, I never liked that costume with those bizarre wing things on her shoulders. On the other hand, it's Dinah and she's got a nice face in this sculpt. So hard to decide. Well, I have until December to make up my mind. And I know, I won't decide til I see her in the flesh plastic. Oh, and for a certain someone, if she hasn't seen it yet, they're doing an Ice figure, too.

I have tickets for NY Comicon. I'll be there on Friday and probably Saturday and it would be really cool if any of you will be there, too, and we could meet in the plastic flesh. ;)

I read two more comics this weekend. Criminal 2, which focused on the father of Tracey Lawless, featured in the second main story arc in the first Criminal Series, was amazing as usual. I really can't recommend it highly enough, especially for fans of noir. And Serenity 2 (of 3) was loads of fun. Damn, I really miss seeing Firefly.


  1. Woohoo! I can put her together with my bowl-haircut Guy figure, and start recreating the old JLI!

    Oh, and there's going to be Ice and G'nort too! Now we just need a Fire.

  2. I knew you'd be happy, Sally! :)

  3. Of course I'll be at NYCC. I posted the bits of my itinerary I know so far on my blog, but if you can think of any better way to arrange meeting up I'm all for it. If you want to try to spot me, I'll be the fantastically handsome man...

  4. I haven't really looked at the program yet. I'll look over your itinerary so far, RAB, and see if anything would work for meeting up. :)