Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Reviews

Number of the Beast 1 (of 8)
I'm reading this because I read Wildstorm Armageddon and Revelations and this is the continuation and I want to know what will happen to the WS universe. But my main interest in WS is WildCats. I don't know who these characters are and I wasn't given any reason to care. I'll keep reading, but so far, I'm not enjoying it.

Booster Gold 8
This just gets better and better. Booster continues trying to fix the present by trying to fix the mess he's made of the past, and it looks like he figures the old JLI is the key. I never read that book, so I don't have the whole nostalgia thing going on, and yet, it's still cool. Meanwhile, his ancestors seem resistant to the idea that they are destined to *be* his ancestors. Ah, young love. ;)

Justice Society of America 14
This continues to entertain with its Kingdom Come tie-in. Sand had something to do, and Obsidian looks to have stuff to do next issue. Coolness.

Zorro 2
More flashback into Zorro's origin, which so far, is more interesting than what little we're seeing of the present. I'm still enjoying it.

Buffy Season 6 13
The Dracula scenes were fun and more is learned about the plot against Buffy. Solid entertainment, almost like having the show back.


  1. I am SO looking forward to the old gang getting back together in Booster Gold, that I could plotz. Now, if only we could find the REAL Max.

    I just enjoy the heck out of the Justice Society. As far as I'm concerned, Jay, Alan and Ted could just sit on the porch and reminisce.

  2. Oh yeah, Sally, the old JSAers sitting and chewing the fat about the good old days. I'd read it! :)