Sunday, April 06, 2008

Three More Comics

Sheena 5
Nice, breezy issue, reasonably satisfying end to the story. This is far from the greatest comic out there, but it's fun. Which I can't really say about the next two.

Spirit 15
I might be enjoying the Aragones/Evanier version of The Spirit (with art by Paul Smith this time, not Mike Ploog!) if not for the comparison with Darwyn Cooke's far superior version. In Cooke's stories, things of real interest and actual importance seemed to happen, things that were personal to our hero. But in this version so far, we've gotten a couple of average stories that could have involved any character other than The Spirit and been just as, well, bland. I guess they're going for a nice, old-fashioned feel for the book, but Cooke set the bar rather high on this book and so far, I'm not feeling the urge to keep reading it with him off it.

Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures 10
I'm just reading this through the first story, really. It's kinda like watching a train wreck. I can't seem to turn away til I get to the end. Best part was the last panel, the last line, uttered by Edward: "Great. We're going to be eaten alive because neither one of us smokes." What could I possibly say to top that?

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