Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Reviews Before Vacation

I head out tomorrow for a fan con (but not for comics) -- well, I'm headed for a friend's house and we'll head out for the con on Wednesday -- so no reviews after today til I get back in 10 days or so and then catch up. I'll have quite the stack waiting in my box at Forbidden Planet.

Huntress Year 1 1
Nice start to this. Not much by way of surprise, as Helena's background is well established by now, but this read well and looked nice. I still prefer the Earth 2 Huntress, though.

Simon Dark 8
Nice and creepy as Simon and friends get some key info and start to move against the cult. Simon is a very likable character and I really feel for him.

Booster Gold 9
At some point, Booster has to admit he screwed up and can't fix the time mess, right? Since I never read the Justice League International book, their reunion here has no nostalgic appeal for me, but the story is fun and suspenseful and well written plus nicely drawn, so what more can a comic book reader want?

Wonder Woman 20
Okay, back on track. The last issue left me a bit bored, but this is intriguing, as Diana seems to be living out an adventure in her subconscious, or has had her subconscious transported somewhere. Lopresti and Ryan do a good job on the art, with Diana looking regal and sexy and strong without looking like a slut. Besides, ya gotta like a book that guest stars Beowulf.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 8
Norton and Ramos did a decent job on the art, but it lacked the extra oomph I've come to love in this book. I like Dodger and the banter was up to his usual level of fun. And of course, we get another Winick plot twist at the end of this installment. I have no idea where he's going with all this, but so far, I've been entertained.

Titans 2
Better than issue 1 because we finally get into the story. I'm not up on my current Trigon lore, but it was fun seeing him at less than full power. I hated the art, however. Why Benitez (with inking by Llamas) had to give the women pouty lips and everyone Jay Leno's chin is beyond me. And they all look so long and stretchy as if they'd gotten into Ralph Dibny's leftover stash of gingold or something. feh

Green Lantern 30
The Secret Origin story is reading like a Year 1 series, sorta, and is nicely filling in what we already know about Hal's background.

Nightwing 144
Another strong issue as Talia verbally spars with Dick and Dick balances all the aspects of his life. Tomasi is a miracle worker here, restoring Dick to competence while making the book meaningful and worth reading again.

Supergirl 29
It didn't stink. It wasn't great and it wasn't quite good, but there's something at least interesting going on here and Kara isn't a teen slut anymore, so that's saying something. I like Resurrection Man and wouldn't mind him sticking around for a while. Still, Kara's making mistakes, which is fine for a teen, but I hope she learns from them.

Lone Ranger 11
Another mostly standalone story that is quietly evocative. I love this series.


  1. That's a very nice long list of comics. And gosh darn it, they were all pretty darn good too.

    I liked Huntress. I don't really know a whole lot about Huntress, except from reading Birds of Prey, so it was nice for me to get caught up. Awfully pretty artwork.

    I just loved Booster Gold, because I DID read JLI, and I've missed it so. It was lovely to see Mr. Miracle and Martian Manhunter, Ice and Fire and even EvilMax. But you're right, I think that even Booster is going to have to admit that he's in over his head at this point.

    Wonder Woman was fun, I just can't get enough of Etta.

    Green Arrow and Black Canary was ok. Missed the Chiang art, but this was acceptable. I get the impression that Winick likes to coast through the issue, set up an "Oh Crap!" cliffhanger, and then coast through the next issue, and so on and so on....

    Green Lantern was lovely. I do love me some Ivan Reis artwork. It's nice that Johns is doing more with Abin Sur and Sinestro, and I just giggled with delight at seeing Hector Hammond at the end. Hal may be a doofus, but he's so young and pretty in this.

    I actually LIKE Nightwing now.

    Lone Ranger has been excellent. A bit of a space between issues, but excellent. Have you tried Zorro? Also very good.

    Have fun at your convention!

  2. Yes, I'm reading Zorro. I haven't read the newest one yet, but I have been enjoying it.