Sunday, June 08, 2008

In Brief

Brief reviews are all I have time for. I can't believe how many comics I still have to read from the last 2 weeks, including the biggies: Trinity and Final Crisis.

JSA Classified 38
More Wildcat. Really, I love Ted, but isn't it time to feature the lesser JSAers? That said, I enjoyed this first installment.

Flash 240
Looks like the kids are about to have a growth spurt. Or at least, Iris is. I think I like the kids more than I'm enjoying Wally.

Shadowpact 25
This never realized its full potential, but I did enjoy this series and I will miss it.

Manhunter 31
Kate's back. *sigh* The book picks up where it left off, once a quick and well written 2-page intro catches up newcomers to the title and reminds those of us among the longtime readers with faulty memories what's happened before. I like the art by Gaydos and while I miss the old art team, the art suits the book nicely. Kate jumps right into a new adventure and Dylan looks to be facing a dangerous challenge from the Joker, and we're off! Please read this book. I want it to not get canceled again.

Blue Beetle 27
Yeah, I didn't review 26, but I don't know where it is, actually. Anyway, in this one, Jaime and Traci Thirteen try going on a date, but trouble intervenes, and Wil Pfeifer delivers a pleasant fill-in issue. Please read this book if you aren't already. I don't want to ever lose this one. Unless it starts to suck, of course. I'd hate for that to happen.

Supergirl 30
Wil Pfeifer is the latest writer to delve into Kara's past/father issues, but despite the whole been there, done that feel to this, he manages to give it a bit of freshness and in general, gives us a simple, enjoyable tale. Ron Randall's art actually makes Kara look like a teen and not a slut.

Nightwing 145
Tomasi has made Nightwing and this book matter again, while keeping it firmly entrenched in the Bat mythos. Along with the best interior monologue I've seen written for Dick, Tomasi delivers a strong story with Talia and a creepy baby-to-warrior project that comes close to but doesn't cross the line into campiness. Morales and Bair's art really suits both the story and the character.

Catwoman 79
Wil Pfeifer's regular gig, which will soon draw to a close (*sniff) has some strong character bits going for it. Selina's home and faces one of her biggest challenges: telling Slam she doesn't know where his granddaughter is, without telling him she gave Helena away. Lopez and Lopez did a great job on the art, and the cover by Hughes rocks.

Justice League of America 21
The first JLA story by McDuffie that I haven't felt was a waste of time, but the issue does little more than set up Final Crisis. The art by Pacheco and Merino is the nicest on this book so far.

Birds of Prey 118
Black Alice and Misfit are featured, and that tends to make for an interesting story. That they are likely related is intriguing. I tried to figure out the whole New Gods timeline for this vs Countdown to Final Crisis and gave myself a headache, so I gave up. The whole Dark Side Club (here and elsewhere) looks to be fun and the cover certainly is eye-catching.

Madame Mirage 6
This book was nothing like I thought it would be. Illusions vs reality is the theme, things not being what they seem, and this book lived up to that conceit completely. Madame Mirage might've looked over the uh, top, but this story was well-thought-out and plotted, and Harper Temple is a character who will stay with me a long time, as will her sister, Angie. There will be a trade pb of this in the fall, but no mention of more issues/stories. I would hate for this 6-issue story to be it. If someone can figure out how to film it without ruining it, I would love to see it as a movie.


  1. Glad you're back! Being sick is horrible!

    I agree with you completely about JSA:Classified. I love Ted of course, but there ARE other characters.

    Flash has been...ok.

    Manhunter just picked right up where it left off, and we are all the better for it!

    Blue Beetle has been good, even without John Rogers.

    Nightwing has been VERY good. I used to hate Nightwing, and now...I don't.

    The last couple of issues of JLA have actually been decent. Having a different artist has made a great deal of difference to my mind at least. McDuffie is darned good when he's not being constrained by editorial fiat.

    Birds of Prey has also been fairly good, although I still miss Gail. Bedard has been doing a good job with Zinda and Huntress at least.

  2. I liked the Shadowpact characters a lot... but you're right, it never reached it's potential...

  3. ur right on the money with the shaowpact and viva el blue beetle