Sunday, July 20, 2008

Barbie Black Canary

I tried to leave this comment over at Blogs@Newsrama, but it wouldn't publish, so I'm posting it here. The subject is the controversy over the upcoming Black Canary Barbie collectors doll.

I think some people look for things to complain about, even if they have to create the problem. Black Canary looks like that. It's a nice doll. It's for adult collectors, but I have no problem with teens and pre-teens owning her.

Impossible proportions? Barbies are almost realistic next to Bratz dolls that have been giving Barbie and Mattel a run for their money.

There are far worse things out there, in ads, etc., that promote things that can harm girls re: body image (boys, too) than Barbie. I grew up with Barbie (still have my Midge and Allan from the '60s) and I knew I didn't have to look like her. It was the comparison of breast size in school and camp locker rooms with my peers that was far more harmful.

She's a lovely doll. And I happen to love fishnets. They're very flattering. I just can't wear them anymore because I keep tearing them.


  1. The Black Canary doll IS lovely, and I fully intend to get one. But you are absolutely right, some people just really enjoy complaining. Apparently the bunch that is having the latest hissy fit is a bit on the extreme side...even when it comes to looking for things to complain about.

    If a doll dressed up as a superheroine is the worst thing in your life, then you are actually pretty lucky, all things considered.

  2. Yes. And there is a difference between being sexy and sexualized or objectified. I prefer to choose my battles with more care.

  3. Last night, on the 10:00 news, believe it or not, there was a feature on the Black Canary Barbie, with the usual mothers being horrified, and the anchor mewling "Won't SOMEone think of the children?" One idiot guy said with a smirk that sure, he'd buy it, and a very confused little girl, in response to the very leading questions being pelted at her, said she liked it. All the mothers in the audience presumably swooned.

    At no point was it mentioned that this doll is a collector's item, and that it costs $40.00, and that it isn't really for children in the first place. They did show a picture of Black Canary as drawn by Ed Benes however.


  4. Sheesh. Thanks for passing that on, Sally. I'm sure a lot of girls will want it and a lot will end up with it, and I really don't see how that would be a problem. I grew up with Barbie. Nice bathing suit Barbie and her incredible proportions and I became a feminist.