Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Still working through the stacks. My shoulder still hurts and I'm getting an MRI tomorrow. Pretty much the easier thing to do is read comics. So, since typing hurts, these will be even more brief than usual.

Jack of Fables 22-23
A serious storyline. It's so weird reading a serious storyline in this title, but it's a good one.

Brave and Bold 15
Nightwing and Hawkman join Deadman and Green Arrow to conclude the story started last issue. Nightwing gets to shine and I appreciated the circus talk between Dick and Boston. Not my favorite art, though.

Justice League of America 23
Be still my heart. We've got an actual story going on here. And while I know people don't like Benes' art, I love it. He draws dynamically, his facial expressions are great. and I like how he visually tells a story.

Zorro 3-5
The origin of Zorro, alternating with the comic's present-day, continues. I'm enjoying the flashback way of telling the story, making this first arc two stories in one.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 14-16
The Wolves at the Gate storyline draws to a close, with the always fun Dracula guesting. Some angst for Xander which was nicely handled. The Return of Fray began in #16 and it looks to be another good one.

All-Star Superman 11
Superman dead?! Clark dead!? Lex defying death!! I can't wait for the next/last issue. This book has led me to expect quality and a great conclusion.

Serenity 3
A nice end to this second mini-series based on Firefly, bridging the gap between the TV show and the movie Serenity. I hope they do another and another because I love these characters and hate to say goodbye.

Simon Dark 10
The creep factor has ramped up if possible and Simon is in the thick of the battle. I can't wait to see how this concludes. And I love the moody art by Hampton.

Birds of Prey 120
Aside from thinking Kate and Dinah were somewhat out of character during their big fight, it was fun and I think it was more a test of abilities, Kate wanting to see how she matched up against Dinah, than anything else. I don't like seeing her ticked off at Babs, though. I do like Infinity, however, and hope we see, uh, more of her. :)

Flash 242
Things look dire for Iris. This isn't my favorite title, but I do love the family dynamic and the art really suits the book. Flash has always had a family feel for me, no matter who was under the mask, and I've been enjoying Iris and Jai.

Trinity 7-8
Not bad enough to drop, not good enough to get enthused over. This book is an average read, though things are finally getting interesting. Diana and Etta had a nice scene and it's clear this book is working hard to establish what Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are to the DCU, but it's starting to feel like overkill. And I could do without the back-up stories. Nice covers, though.

Dreamwar 1-6
The DCU vs the WS universe makes for fun stories, although this has been deadly. I'm mostly familiar with the Wildcats of the WS, but this has been easy enough to follow. The clash of personalities, the JLAers being tricked into thinking the WS teams are villains has been plausible, given the personalities of the WS characters, and how Supes and the DCU heroes start to realize how wrong things are has me eager for the final 2 issues.

Whew. And there's still 2 large stacks of comics I've been accumulating.


  1. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope it feels better soon.

    Some pretty good books there. I agree completely with your take on Trinity.

  2. i agree benes keep the league looking powerful and special