Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally an Offensive Comment

I started moderating comments because of spam commenting, but today, I got my first offensive comment. Only it made me laugh for some reason, because really, I'm not easily offended. Here's what Anonymous said about this post from 2006:
"You stupid whore, go make me a sandwich."
Truly, I've been called worse in my job. After all, I work with the public, and they are not always happy and pleasant. So, now my question is: Turkey, ham, or rye?"



  1. wow that was harsh and totally do not agree with whoever it was that called you such a bad name but I sure could use a sandwich right about now...Somebody bring me a sandwich please, please, please!

  2. LOL. Thanks, KevinJ! :)

    I've been thinking I should've published it, too, instead of deleting it, just to show I'm a good sport. Oh well. ;)

  3. Well that was a little harsh! I've only occasionally gotten some really obnoxious comments, but somehow it is still always a surprise.