Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Round of Reviews

Coming up with titles for these posts is getting harder and harder. Anyway, here's the latest batch. I can't believe how many more comics I have sitting here waiting to be read. Ack. I haven't been this far behind in decades.

Wonder Woman 23
I'm happy this arc is over, although there have been scenes setting up the next one. The art by Lopresti and Ryan is very nice and I'll be happy to see their art on a story I enjoy more.

Flash 243
A nice ending to the problem of the aging kids, though I was wondering if at the end of this they would physically revert to their actual chronological ages. But toddlers are tougher to write than older kids, I guess.

Blue Beetle 30
Jaime is really in the thick of it. This book continues to be a delightful mesh of superheroing and teen angst, while firmly establishing a minority community in the DCU. If you're not reading this, why not?

Trinity 12 - 13
This is becoming quite enjoyable. Things are happening, the pieces are starting to fall together, and while the focus is the big 3 of the DCU, other characters get to shine, especially in the backup story, although Hawkman is getting rather extreme here.

Teen Titans Year 1 6
A bit of a letdown. This book was so much fun, but well, I guess I was expecting more. Still, a pleasant mini-series. Wish Roy had been in this last ish, though.

Birds of Prey 121
That cover is great, maybe my favorite Joker cover. Just having the Joker in this book rocks and I'm caught up in the storyline focusing on Misfit and Black Alice. I'll be interested in seeing where both stories lead.

Manhunter 33
Aside from concerns that Kate was returned to us at the expense of Selina (see Catwoman review below), I'm glad to have this comic back. This is a great cast of characters, and Kate's life is a complicated one. Having the Suicide Squad show up is an intriguing development.

Justice League of America 24
Nice action, and Animal Man! 'Nuff said.

Dreamwar 5
One of the better multi-world team-ups, IMO. I like how the teams are lining up, and it's fun seeing the differences in the various WS universe teams as well as comparing them to the DCU groups. The situation that pits the WS universe against the DCU is solid and forms the foundation of the story, rather than being an excuse for heroes bashing each other.

Simon Dark 11
Nice and creepy as we near the story's conclusion. I suppose this will continue beyond the first story, but I think I would prefer this as a mini. I'd prefer to keep the Catwoman book around and leave this as a 12-issue run, if the first story could conclude in 12 issues. I like the experimentation of putting something like this in the DCU rather than in Vertigo, but while I'm enjoying it, it isn't essential reading for me.

Justice Society of America 18
So, Magog is born. Not what I'd expected. I'm sure many of you out there did and it's just me who's dense, but whatever. It was well-played, I thought. I do like how Gog's gifts have a negative side, except perhaps for Grant's face being restored, and I can't help wondering if at the end of this, if the good will be lost, and things will revert back to what they were pre-Gog. There's a lot to chew on here.

Brave and Bold 16
Superman and Catwoman together equals fun times! Selina's disguise for Supes had me chortling. She was clearly having fun, flirting with him and all. Nothing and no one intimidates Selina.

Catwoman 82
*sigh* I am so gong to miss this book. I am going to miss the joy this book has brought into my life once a month, from Adam Hughes' magnificent covers to Wil Pfeifer's marvelous words. Pfeifer really gets Selina. I loved Brubaker's take on her and Pfeifer took what Brubaker set up and ran with it. I wish more people had supported this book. Selina is a complex character, a good soul who crosses the line of the law and feels justified to do so. Her appearances in books like Brave and Bold above don't get to delve into her psyche the way stories that focus on her do. I don't want to read the Batman books in hopes of seeing her and maybe seeing her written properly. When I got back to reading comics, I decided to not read all the Batman and Superman titles so I could keep up better (HA!) and given how far behind I am now, I'm not about to add more comics to the unread stacks of them here. As with the current Blue Beetle and Booster Gold titles and a few others (too few others), there was never a misstep in this title. Some stories might not have appealed to everyone, but I found them all well done. Even when I didn't like the art (Gulacy), it didn't ruin the book for me. And every story built on the one before. There was a solid chronology to this book, a true sense to Selina, who she is, who she was, and where she's headed. All the folks who worked on this book should be proud.

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  1. That's a lot of books...and with the exception of Dream War and Simon Dark, I have read every last one of them. Well, with the exception of Blue Beetle, and it's not my fault! Curse you Diamond Distributors! I am hoping desperately, that Blue Beetle and Ambush Bug will be in the store this week.

    I don't usually pick up Catwoman, but this was an excellent end to the series. I have to agree that the final issue of Teen Titans:Year One was a bit of a letdown. No Roy for one thing. It was such a fun little series, and it sort've petered out in the final issue.