Sunday, September 07, 2008

Insert Title Herre

Titans 4
This arc ended a bit quicker than I'd expected, which is a good thing. I do not like the interior art. I am getting really tired of artists who draw elongated faces with Jay Leno chins jutting out. Just so ugly. And since Donna is wearing her star field costume elsewhere, may we assume the red stars here are because it's easier to draw? as for the story, this wrapped up way too easily for a Trigon story, especially after all the blood and gore. I love the Titans, but this book had better start getting better quickly. The sad thing is, tho, that I'll keep reading no matter what as long as Roy is in it. Unless he's totally out of character, and so far, he's not, because he hasn't had much to do. *sigh*

Nightwing 148
Given how horrible this book was starting OYL, it's amazing it's reached 148 and is so good. This Batman RIP crossover stands alone nicely, because I can follow it and I'm not reading the other Bat books, unless you count BoP (Catwoman has ended). The scene with Dick and Alfred is wonderful. Alfred has an amazing skill set when you think of it, but along with all the emotion in the scene, especially Alfred holding an unconscious Dick's hand, my favorite part is Dick telling him that Carol is at the safe house on the corner of Aparo and Goodwin. I love when they slip in the names of comics' greatest creators.

Supergirl 33
Not bad. Not great. In fact, not much of anything, but it wasn't annoying, so that's a plus.

Trinity 14
Gee, has it really been that long already since this started? The pace has settled into a nice groove and the action combined with the character bits is working for the most part. Nothing new to say about this. It's been fairly steady the last few weeks.


  1. I have thought Trinity was great since #1. I was surprised by all the negativity around it.

    Fun, interesting, and it seems to be going somewhere.

  2. It was slow to start, and I found it confusing for the first few issues, but then it found its stride. I've been enjoying it. I was never negative about it, but I couldn't decide if I should stick with it, because I didn't want another year of Countdown which had good moments but fell apart as a whole.