Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I've Been Reading

Blue Beetle 31
Aside from Dr. Mid-Nite grimacing in nearly every panel he was in, this was another fun issue, with art that feels like a comic book and a story that is appropriate for kids as well as being entertaining for adults. Jaime's position in the DCU has been solidified as other heroes accept him, and in the last panel, Dr. Polaris shows up. How cool is that?

Trinity 16-17
Lovely covers. I love their connectivity over multiple issues. And the story is developing nicely, but I'm starting to skim again because this is starting to feel a bit drawn out once more, as it was at the start. So, I'm intrigued and still reading and eager to know what happens next, but I still get the feeling some of what I'm reading is padding.

All Star Superman 12
The perfect ending to a perfect maxi-series. The war between Superman and Luther was waged over the 12 issues and the payoff was worth the wait. This was epic. This was what Superman is supposed to be.

DC Wildstorm Dreamwar 6
This mini-series oddly enough was very entertaining. And I think it's my favorite mixed-universe team-up. The story had the typical battle between the DCU and WS heroes, but the reason behind it and the way the teams came together to fight the true menace was nicely done. I enjoyed all the character interactions.

Birds of Prey 122
Love love love the cover. Especially Zinda. She's one kickass character. Tony Bedard seems to be getting a good feel for these characters now and I'm looking forward to Babs vs Joker.

Titans 5
Damn. I really want to love this book. It's got some of my favorite characters. It's got my favorite team. It's got Roy Harper! And while it doesn't suck outright, which would make dropping it easy, it's not good, either. And it's not just Judd's writing. I usually enjoy his writing, even if he's not the best writer out there. But aside from this story being rather lame and even silly at times, what's with the damn art? Has Julian Lopez never seen previous artwork with Dick and Kory in the same freaking panel before? Did he not have references to tell him how tall Kory is relative to everyone else in the book and probably in the entire DCU? She should be towering over Dick, or close to it. She has a presence. She stands out. And it's not just her gold skin, skimpy costume, and long red hair. And in this, she looked so ordinary even with the hair and skimpy bathing suit in the pool scene. Even her eyes looked off. But their conversation rang true. This book is just plain exasperating.


  1. I have to admit that I haven't been reading Titans, because as you say, it IS exasperating! Plus Dick is being kind of a...well dick.

    But gosh, Blue Beetle is just too much fun.

  2. I'm reading Titans for Roy, but even I have my limits. ;)