Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reviews in a Timely Fashion

Too much to do and not enough time to do it all. But I did read some comics over the last few days, so let's get to the reviews.

Trinity 18
After a few who cares issues, things are picking up again. I'm a sucker for alternate realities and parallel time, so this altered reality is intriguing me. I love this version of Lois. What a bitch! And even the backup story had some zip. Just when I was wondering if I should keep reading, they gave me a reason to keep reading.

Manhunter 35
Love the cover. Ramsey is quite a kid, the Dylan storyline gets a new wrinkle, and Kate, with help from Huntress and Zinda, kicks ass. Nice.

Supergirl 34
Love love love the cover. I'd seen it previewed online, but it's really sweet to hold it and gaze upon it. Jamal Igle has a nice feel for Kara; his pencils with Keith Champagne's inks are very nice, and even though new writer Sterling Gates is, as all the writers before him on this book, reeamining Kara and her place in the DCU, he did it faster and better than any of them. and it took me more than 2 minutes to read it! While I applaud the move to make Supergirl more connected to the rest of the Superman titles, I don't read those, not since I gave up comics for a while back in '85. Still, I followed along well enough and I love bringing Lana in and giving Kara a secret ID that feels right. This book was fun and rang true. And Kara seems to actually have a regular cast of characters. I'd like to see one or two who aren't from the other Superman titles, but I can't expect everything to be fixed in one issue. Still, I am allowed to get excited and hope that this time the book will be good. Right? Right!

Nightwing 149
Still in the Batman RIP tie-in mode, and though I'm not reading the rest of the RIP books, this stands on its own and was a good, solid installment. Dick's having an awful time, but he's still handling it all like the mature pro he is.

Justice League of America 25
Well. This was unexpected. I actually enjoyed this. The Red Tornado bits were well done, personal bits were handled naturally and didn't bog down the story, and things actually happened. I'm not really up on how Vixen and Animal Man got their powers, but the scenes inside the totem with the trickster were nicely done. I actually want to know what happens next. Cool. Oh, and the first page, with the 3D-ish art of Wonder Woman, Supes, and Bats was awesome. Made me want to see an entire book drawn like that.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War 4-5

Y'know, if I didn't like Comet and the Weird so much, and Hardcore Station and the art, I don't think I'd keep reading this. It's all rather loopy and I'm rather sick and tired of both Rann and Thanagar. I'm just short of wishing they'd just annihilate each other. But I'll keep reading, for all the fun bits trapped in the bigger story.

Flash 244
Decent book, likeable characters, nothing special, but a nice, fun read. 


  1. I did like Trinity, Lois as a rabblerouser seems to work. My store didn't get Nightwing, which annoys me unspeakably. And JLA was...good!

    I also read DC Decisions, and found it to be both annoying and hyserical at the same time.

  2. I haven't read DC Decisions yet. I have the first two, and from what others have said about them, I'm not expecting to enjoy them, so we'll see.

    That sucks about Nightwing.

  3. Justice League is actually, finally starting to be interesting! Hoorah! :-)

  4. It's such a relief to be able to enjoy Justice League. :)

  5. Hi, I've been lurking a while here, but first time to comment.
    The Supergirl one was sooo good! I think I may be getting so enthusiastic about it because it has finally seemed to click with the rest of the DCU. And as you say they sorted out Kara's status quickly and smoothly.
    DC Decisions was very much fun. Manhunter was also a top read.

  6. Hi, Saranga, Nice to meet you and thanks for commenting! :)