Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Just Sucks

How many times can a comic die? Characters die all the time, then usually get resurrected. And the Manhunter comic has been canceled, only to be brought back. And now it's been canceled again. I don't think it'll be coming back this time. And we lost Catwoman this year, too. Damn.

Why can't good books featuring female characters thrive? Or more accurately, why can't more than 2 or 3 of them thrive, or at least, stick around? DC is now left with Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman for quality headlining female books and possibly Supergirl, if the last issue wasn't a fluke. I can't think of any others, certainly not that I'm buying. And there are dozens of male headlining titles from DC, only some of which I buy. Some share, ie Green Arrow sharing with Black Canary, and all the team books. But some male characters have many books, ie Batman and Superman, and we can't keep Catwoman and Manhunter around. Where are the buyers? I thought people want quality books. I thought there's an interest in publishing characters that are good role models for girls. Okay, maybe Selina isn't the best role model, but she sure is her own woman.

Why can't we readers support these quality titles in sufficient numbers to make them profitable? Why do I keep having to lose the titles I love? Just. So. Annoyed. Right. Now.


  1. I've been reading the latest issues drawn by Gaydos and I have to say that they haven't been anywhere near the quality of the earlier runs. Andreyko chose to tell a boring story dragged out too long by an artist who couldn't draw an attractive character if you put a gun to his head. This is a mercy killing.

  2. Actually, I've been enjoying it as much as before. The art took some getting used to, but I think the story is interesting and there are a few side plots at work that are most intriguing.

  3. I really liked the recent story and didn't find it in the least bit boring. Not as much of a fan of the art but I can appreciate it's place and I think it meshed well with the themes of the book.

  4. Well, pooh. I really like Manhunter. It seems as though they are pulling the trigger awfully quickly however. It just came back from a rather lengthy hiatus. Would it kill them to let it go for a few more issues?


  5. Right. There are probably still Manhunter fans who didn't know the book was even back. It took so long for it to start up again. They just didn't give it a chance or promote it properly. I'm really gonna miss it.