Sunday, October 19, 2008

Overdue Reviews

Yeah, I know. I'm lazy. ;) I've been swamped with unread comics, but I did get to some of them, so here's what I thought of them.

Titans 6
I'm not sure why I'm still reading this, except that Roy is in it and Winick can't be writing it forever. Right? I wish someone would remember that Kory is tall. As in TALLER than the other Titans. Sheesh. As for the big cliffhanger ending promising us Jericho? *yawn* He never was a favorite of mine. I found him tolerable before; I doubt I'll like him even that much now.

Brave and Bold 18
The Raven-Supergirl story concludes. There were some cute bits. The last page was nice. But really, this story was a waste of paper. I realize this was written before the new team took over SG's own book, but really, how often do we need to rehash old news and belabor this whole Kara sent to Earth by her father to kill her cousin crap? Marv should be ashamed of himself. Maybe if it had been better written... but no. After the long and exciting opening story for this title's resurrection, to have such tripe as this, well, it's just some excuse for teen angst and there are far better books for that and stories that do it far better. I didn't really like the art, either.

Trinity 20
Earth without the big 3 is a much different place as Firestorm learns and boy, is he in trouble. A catch up issue that does some stage setting, but nicely done.

Booster Gold 13
After the new Atom fiasco when Rick Remender took over, I was worried about the quality of this book nosediving with him writing it, but this was surprisingly good. He nailed the characters, made the Starro clones properly creepy, and looks to be dealing with Rip's relationship with Michael as revealed in an earlier issue, which would be cool. He'd better not blow it. And Ordway's inks over Olliffe's pencils keeps the art on target.

Justice League of America 19
Finally. I hate the delays on this book. Anyway, Power Girl is back, Starman is too rationale to fulfill his mission, and things with Magog aren't quite what they seem. Plus, we got Black Adam! Is there anything we don't get in this book? I'm loving it.

Secret Six 2
Worth the price if only for Catman meeting with Batman. Great stuff. Blake is conflicted and leaning the wrong way, and Bats is trying to help in his own Bat way. Meanwhile, the rest of the Six stage a prison break. I love this book. Gail might be doing a good job with Wonder Woman, but her specialty is quirky and this book and this group of characters just keep proving it.


  1. I shared your fear about Booster Gold, but Remender has done a good far.

    Secret Six was a hoot of course. I'm enjoying it FAR too much.

    JSA was fun, it seems to have picked up a bit.

    The Brave and the Bold was ok. Neither character is a particular favorite of mine, but it was decent.

    How can Jerico be showing up in Titans? Isn't he terrorizing people over in DC: Decisions? I thought he was a good guy? I have to admit to knowing VERY little about Jerico except that he used to have ridiculous facial hair and a silly costume.

    Trinity continues to entertain me.

  2. Remender is just filling in, anyway. Dan Jurgens will be writing and drawing Booster.

  3. Ah, right. I hadn't read that Remender would be filling in, so there was a moment's panic seeing his name. At least with fill-ins, writers can't do much damage. ;)