Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Guess I'll Be Saving Some Money

This news has me almost as depressed as a McCain/Palin win would. Two of my favorite comics were canceled: Birds of Prey and Nightwing. The annoying thing is that both were starting to really hit their stride. Bedard has finally gotten the hang of the Birds and Nightwing is relevant again. Coupled with losing Catwoman and Manhunter and the dramatic fall of Checkmate after Rucka left, it's getting so I'm not gonna be reading many DC titles, anymore. And that 3 of the titles among my faves have female leads is rather disheartening.

True, Supergirl is improving, but really, how many good female books are we left with? The team books don't count because the women share panel space with male co-stars and are often outnumbered. Supergirl and Wonder Woman? Yeah, the two oldtimers. The former struggled mightily and is finally worth reading, if the improvements last. The latter is good, but not Gail's best work, IMO, and I guess that's mostly because her real skill is in writing quirky characters.

Yeah, I'm upset. I hope Obama wins. I could use the emotional lift.



  1. No BoP? That sucks. Hope they till collect the last issues into a trade.

  2. I too, am distraught. However, I'm considering the possibility that it is all tied into the Batman: RIP storyline, and the cancelled books will be relaunched with a bright shiny new #1 at the top.

    At least, I hope so. Where else can I get my Zinda and Manhunter fix?

  3. I'm hoping for a relaunch, too. I have no interest in the Batman titles. I used to read Batman and Detective, but when I got back into comics, it couldn't be 50 comics a month, anymore. As it is, I still add titles and can't keep up. But I love the Birds and Dick and want to see them living their own lives, not so tied into what Bruce Wayne is doing.