Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Other Reviews

Secret Six 4
What a fun book. I never would've dreamed I'd enjoy anything with Bane in it, but his fatherly concern for Scandal is entertaining as all get out. The story is creepy and Junior is one creepy villain. Tarantula is the best she's ever been under Gail Simone's sure hand, and Deadshot and Catman are an interesting study in contrasts. Catman is losing it, and Cheshire's appearance means next issue should be even better. Scott and Hazlewood make a great art team.

Simon Dark 15
I'm so conflicted by this book. I like it. It's creepy and bizarre, yet is set smack in the DCU. But I still wish it had been cancelled if it would've meant keeping either Manhunter or Catwoman, or even Blue Beetle.

Lone Ranger 16
A character study of the resident evil nemesis. Nicely done and creepy, keeping with the theme of this batch of comics, it seems.

Booster Gold 15
Any book that finds a way to give me Ralph Dibney alive and well is an instant fave, even if it's in the past, which of course, made for some awkward moments for Booster. Add in his sister posing for DaVinci, and another time glitch, and you've got another great issue.

Final Crisis Revelations 4
Final Crisis 5
The Earth is a dark place, with Darkseid triumphant, and yet, some heroes battle on. I'm enjoying this, although it's all rather depressing at this point as I wonder how the heroes will manage to triumph (and I sure don't want to read about the Darkseid's DCU for much longer, so triumph, they'd better). However, between this, which comes out not all that often, and Trinity, which comes out weekly, I find myself getting confused as to the state of things, as in, which has the weird realities, etc. The two big storylines are starting to blur in my mind. I think maybe they should not have done both concurrently. It's giving me a headache keeping it all straight.


  1. There were some seriously fantastic books this past week. I'm SO glad that Secret Six is an ongoing series! Junior makes for a suitably horrific villain...he's almost as awful as Kryb from Green Lantern Corp.

    Speaking of which, that was scary as heck too.

    Booster was fun as always, Dan Jurgens seems to have a sure hand with his creation.

    Lone Ranger was awfully good. This was certainly a week for priests and confessions!

    I'm enjoying the heck out of Final Crises...especially now that the Green Lanterns are riding to the rescue. I do think that it will all read better in the trade however.

  2. I agree about Final Crisis in Trade and wonder if it would be even better if they interfiled the mini-series (Revelations, Submit, etc), even if it would mean more than one volume is needed.