Sunday, February 08, 2009

End of NYCC

I think I mentioned that I don't do panels really, anymore, at cons, nor do I get autographs and sketches, as a rule. First, I won't pay for an autograph, and I can afford only so much for sketches, and I hate waiting on lines for that. But I do like to get at least one moment with a favorite artist, if I can. Last year, it was Amanda Conner who nicely posed with one of my little Star Wars Stormtrooper action figures. This year, it was Jamal Igle. 
He was very nice. We had a lovely chat about Supergirl. I explained my history with the character, growing up with Kara, boycotting DC for almost a decade after she was killed in Crisis, how happy I was to have her back, how frustrated I was with how she was depicted (the whole Super Slut period) and how I wanted to support the book and yet wanted the book changed to better reflect who she was (a teen girl!), which led to me telling him he saved Supergirl, because it isn't just the writing, but how normal and realistic she looks now. I bought the little booklet he had of his art and when I asked how much for him to do a quick headshot sketch of Kara inside, he said he'd do that gratis. He was super nice to do that, and I'm happy to add this to my collection.


  1. Jamal Igle is indeed a class act, and that's a lovely drawing.

  2. Nice! :-)

    I have heard some complaints that there were hardly any comic books at the Con -- that it was overwhelmed by video games and other non-comics-related items. What's your take on that?

  3. I don't buy comics at cons, so I didn't pay a lot of attention. There were a bunch of used comics dealers, and some of the NY comic shops were there, mainly Midtown Comics and Gotham Comics. I think I saw Jim Hanley's Universe, too. I don't buy old comics because mostly, I sold off my older comics and get my new ones weekly and don't usually miss things I want.

    To be honest, I go for the atmosphere, to take pictures, and to buy toys, as well as see previews of upcoming toys. I did spot and pick up the Firefly/Serenity trade pbs, which was nice since I misplaced my set of the first comic trilogy.

  4. I lucked into hitting Jamal's table at a point when Sterling Gates was visiting him, so I had the chance to both congratulate and thank them for the job they've done with Supergirl. Such fantastic work from both men, and exactly the complete 180 the book (and the character!) needed.

  5. Bill, that's awesome that you got to meet Sterling Gates. I hope you properly impressed him how Supergirl fandom is ever so grateful for his work with Kara. I hope they continue on the book indefinitely.