Friday, February 06, 2009

NY Comiccon

I really prefer this in warmer weather. Last year, it was in April which was so nice. This year, I froze walking over to the Javits Center. The professional hours were earlier this year, from 10 am to 1 pm, and I didn't get there until after 11 am, to discover the computer system was down and I had to wait in a very long line that wasn't moving. After nearly 40 minutes, someone came around with generic Professional passes, so I was able to get in and enjoy relatively empty aisles for about an hour before the con officially opened. I picked up my official weekend pass late in the afternoon. I get the professional registration because I'm a librarian.

Neal AdamsI used to do more at cons when I was younger. I used to go to panels. I used to get autographs. Now, I just shop in the dealers' room, mostly buying toys and checking out the previews. In the old days, getting autographs meant asking folks for them. Now, you have to get on line and pay, or buy something. I mostly take pictures, now, like this one of Neal Adams. I did get, for free, an autograph and drawing from David Horvath of Ugly Doll fame. I bought a few things earlier in the day, though, because, well, they're Ugly Dolls!

IMG_1347There weren't many new toys that interested me, and fewer previews than usual. MindStyle wasn't there, and Diamond Select didn't have much upcoming at all. And they didn't have the latest Stargate SG1 series 5 action figures, due out sometime in the future. They're in a box somewhere. They might be set up tomorrow. I did ask and get answers about the frequent delays and such. DC had some nice figures, busts, and statues, but I seem to recall more last year. Tonner had some lovely DCU dolls, though. The GL doll pic is for you, Sally!


  1. Shelly, I am both impressed and envious as all heck. It sounds like a blast. And thank you so much for the picture, those Tonner figures are quite gorgeous. Expensive...but gorgeous.

  2. You're welcome. And yeah, the Tonners are expensive, which is why I don't have any. I can get at least a half dozen, even more, action figures for the price of one Tonner doll.

  3. I'm more the sort of person who just goes to cons now to look at stuff and shop, too. Maybe it's just the sort of thing that happens to us in our 30s? And while I totally get why the people at the autograph signings and stuff charge now, it doesn't mean I'll actually pay them for an autograph. I mean, I was super-excited to meet Colin Baker, but I wasn't going to pay $25 for a signed photo. Luckily, he was willing to take a picture with me and shake my hand for free, and was a hell of a nice guy in doing so. :)

    I don't mind paying for sketches now, though, so long as the rates aren't too high. They're artists plying their trade... don't see why they shouldn't get a kickback for it.

  4. Well, I'm in my 50s, and I think I stopped doing panels and such in my 40s.

    If an artist has a little booklet of their work that's reasonably priced and I really like their art, I'll buy that and have them sign it. I got one today from Jamal Igle (I'll post a pic later) and he did a quick drawing inside all for the cost of the little book. He was very nice.

    Yeah, I don't mind paying for sketches, but not for autographs.