Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's Go to the Reviews!

Booster Gold 22
I can't argue with a comic that features the Teen Titans of the Wolfman/Perez era. I was especially happy to see that Dan Jurgens remembered that Kory is rather tall, something the artists of the current Titans book often forget. I love how this comic plays with time and is sticking nicely to the current events, in this case, Dick as Batman. Well, no more because the Black Beetle has succeeded in killing him in the past. Good stuff here and the Blue Beetle story holds up the back of the comic most capably, managing in its few short pages to throw in action, adventure, and character development. I can't ask for more from a comic.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 22
I don't like the changes in Dinah's backstory, yet they worked well, which pretty much sums up my feelings about the book: I both like and dislike it. The writing has been decent, but the characters don't feel right to me. I imagine Ollie's sudden bloodthirstiness will have some sort of explanation that will make sense, but right now, it's just annoying. I'm not dropping it yet, because I don't hate it, but I'm not loving it, either. It's most annoying.

WildCats 11-12
The current storyline ends, sorta, even if the situation remains nasty. It's been a fun ride, and Maxine has never been more entertaining, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the incoming creative team does with this title.

Green Lantern 40-41 and Blackest Night 0
Aside from making me giggle with thoughts of the Color Wars we had when I was a kid in camp, the battle of the various Lantern color corps, leading into Blackest Night. Here's hoping Blackest Night lives up to its leadin.

Zorro 14
The story ends, but I hope the book will continue. This is grand fun.

Flash Rebirth 3
After what was, for me, a slow (!) start, the book is picking up steam. More flashbacks with Iris and Barry and a villain revealed. Okay, I'm now interested. This better not disappoint by story's end. ;)

JSA vs Kobra
Kobra is one of those badguy organizations in comics that I found truly scary, and it's nice to see not only Kobra back, but elements of Checkmate that hark back to the the intrigue that made Checkmate great.

The stack of unread comics continues to grow. More reviews, brief though they may be, soon, I hope.


  1. Booster Gold was lots of fun, as was the backup feature with Jaime.

    I finally have had enough and dumped Green Arrow/Black Canary. I love them as characters, but the story just wasn't doing it for me. Seeing Dinah act stupid all the time, is REALLY annoying.

  2. I thought Dinah was less stupid this issue and the retconning of her teen years was interesting. There's always one thing interesting in the book that keeps me reading. I wish it totally sucked so I could drop it. ;)