Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Year of the Blackest Night

But first...

Batman 688
A decent Dick as Batman story. Not as fine and fun as Batman and Robin, but nice. And Two-Face is clever, no doubt about it.

Green Lantern 43
Prologue to Blackest Night. A nice, creepy look at the history of Black Hand.

Titans 15
Also a prologue to Blackest Night. And it's telling that the best issue of this book has little if anything to do with the Titans team. We finally, if murkily (and boy, does he narrate a lot and boy, is his narration self-serving and rather "oh, poor me"), learn what happened to Garth, but while the substitute Aquaman of the last Aquaman book is mentioned, Mera's role from that is glossed over with her absence noted here, and no mention I noticed of Garth being stuck in a helmet tank thingie because he couldn't breathe properly in the ocean or some such. That was the point I lost interest in that other book, so my memory is a bit cloudy, and clearly, I'm not the only one with that problem. The scene with Garth and Dick was nice, but this seemed to have nothing to do with the Titans other than it was the only logical place to stick Garth who must have a role in Blackest Night.

More reviews to come, Blackest Night and not so black nights. ;)


  1. I think it might be time to drop Titans, just like I dropped Teen Titans last month. Its disappointing, because I've liked and followed the Teen Titans since the 80s, so collecting the books has been almost more reflex than anything else, but with each new issue I find myself liking them less and less. Titans has its moments, but lately, they've been very few and far between.

  2. Yeah, I know. But right now, it seems to be the only place I can get even a glimpse of Roy/Red Arrow. The thought of not being able to read about him anywhere... but then, his treatment here has sucked, so yeah, I'll probably drop it. And I followed the Teen Titans since the '60s!

  3. There does seem to be a bit of drought where Roy is concerned. Too bad he had to up and quit the Justice League.