Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Not So Short Stack

A bit of two weeks' worth and I'm still not caught up. I guess I'll never be caught up.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape 5
This is intriguing but maddening and the payoff better be worth it, but at least it was a bit different in tone from the previous confusing issues.

The Lone Ranger 18
Someone's making it personal against the Lone Ranger. Minimalist storytelling at its finest.

JSA vs Kobra 4
I'll miss this when it's finished. With the JSA splitting into 2 groups, this is the only place for me to get my full, proper JSA fix. Mr. Terrific starts to figure out Kobra's plot and the sheer evilness the JSA is up against, plus all the intrigue, makes this one helluva read.

Batman 690
Not the strongest of the Dick Grayson is Batman books, but a good story and it'll be interesting to see how Dick gets out of his predicament and how he keeps up the guise of Batman. Will he allow Gotham to realize Batman is an inherited role or will he be able to maintain the one Batman always and forever mode he's been working so hard on? He's definitely worthy of wearing the cape and cowl.

Action 881
My first Action Comics issue in decades because of the Supergirl Reactron storyline. The art by Pere Perez, unknown to me until now, is lovely. A lot of setup here, but some nice character bits with Kara, Nightwing, and Flamebird and over at the Planet. And I didn't know Kara had a cousin. Cool.

Blackest Night Batman 2
Gruesome, grim, ghoulish. I'm no zombie fan, but this is exciting stuff. It was good seeing Tim and Dick back working together and Damien is growing on me. The James and Babs Gordon scenes were wonderful and Deadman taking over Babs was great, especially his admiration for how she's maintained her upper body strength. I love how the continuity across the Bat books is being maintained.

Streets of Gotham 4
Strong, creepy Bat story makes this a better Bat book than Batman right now. The Broker was a well developed character and Damien was rather entertaining in this. And in the Manhunter story, Kate is settling in nicely in her new city and her new job. But taking on Two-Face might not be her best idea ever. Good stuff should follow, for us, if not for her.

Booster Gold 24
Booster, with Raven's help, has saved the Teen Titans and righted that part of history. Which is a better situation than Jaime finds himself in over in the Blue Beetle story. Jaime getting as bloodthirsty as the scarab's been lately is not good news. This title has only gotten stronger with the addition of Jaime and gang.

Batgirl 2
Not the strongest comic ever, and I don't know if Steph can carry a book over time, but this was a fun read and the cover homage to the Babs as Batgirl days was a real treat.

Batman and Robin 4
The Batman book right now. Tan's art gives the book a much different feel than the previous/first arc, but it's dark and moody, which works well. The Gotham gang wars are playing out across all the Bat books right now, or at least, the ones I read, and while it seems a bit confusing at times as to what's happening in which book, it gives them a cohesion that's important, with each putting its own spin on things. In this, Dick gets to do more lecturing of Damien amid all the crimefighting. Good stuff.

Secret Six 13
Ah, I knew Catman would come through! The insight into Scandal's childhood was nice, if creepy, and it does explain a lot. Not so bad bad guys fighting badder bad guys are usually enough to make this book great, but throw in Amazons and you've got something special.


  1. Excellent reviews as usual. There HAVE been some awfully good books out lately. Oh, and you need to read Blackest Night #3! Amazing!

  2. Blackest Night 3 is next on the stack. I'm looking forward to it! :)