Saturday, September 05, 2009

Three Reviews

Battling a headache. Too much stress at work, so I'm glad to have a 3-day weekend. I did manage to read these 3 comics.

Green Lantern 45
Blackest Night continues. Sinestro and Carol/Star Sapphire make for interesting sparring partners. So far, Blackest Night is living up to the hype, which is always nice.

Flash Rebirth 4
Just keeping track of how the speed force works gives me a headache, but the action has been ramped up. Just having all the speedsters involved makes for fun reading.

Wildcats 14
Trying to right the Wildstorm universe after Armageddon isn't going to be easy. A decent chapter in the ongoing saga.

Meanwhile, on the action figure front, that Green Arrow figure I wanted to go with my new Black Canary figure was sold out. SOLD OUT! Ollie was the only one of the set sold out at Forbidden Planet. If I'd had a clue, I would've gotten him last week and charged everything, but they never sell out DC figs, at least, not that fast. So annoying.


  1. Sorry to hear about Green Arrow. I'm still waiting for the new Fire figure, as well as Booster and Blue Beetle which I though were supposed to come out a week or so ago, but no such luck.

    I hope that they'll reorder one for you!

    Yes, Blackest Night has been pretty wild so far, and I also don't understand the science behind the Speed Force...but I'm not letting that stop the fun.

  2. Hmmm.... I thought I saw the new Booster, but it was so similar to the older Booster I had that I didn't get it. I think I saw the Blue Beetle, too, but didn't want it. I really need to limit my toy purchases because they're starting to take over. But I did want Ollie to go with Dinah since they're such posable figs.

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM EDT

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