Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Vacation, But First...

Some reviews.

Power Girl 6
This is the side of PG we didn't/don't get to see in JSA. Between Amanda Conner's charmingly disarming art and Gray and Palmiotti's playful writing, this is a fun Power Girl and a fun book. I would like to see some more seriousness here, but Conner's cartoonish style doesn't lend itself to that sort of realism. She does draw some of the most expressive faces in comics, though, and this tale of alien women in over their heads comes to a nice conclusion. And we're treated to another scene of PG and Terra at the movies!

Streets of Gotham 5
I'm not sure where the Huntress story fits into the timeline because of the references to Oracle, making it seem as if the Birds of Prey are still going strong, whereas Babs elsewhere hasn't been running the Birds and is more interested in redefining herself and her goals and mentoring Stephanie as Batgirl. I was never the biggest Man-Bat fan -- he started to bore me after his first few appearances -- and the story felt like it was just treading water. The Manhunter story, however, rocked because Dylan is back! And he's in a heap of trouble. I adore Dylan so I hope Kate can get him out of this mess. Nice art by Haun, too.

Blackest Night Batman 3/3
A decent end to this three-parter. A guest turn by Deadman is always good and I didn't even mind Jason Blood/Etrigan. Tim (and Dick) dealt with some emotional baggage, and Damien was fun. He's the best Robin since Dick because he's very much his own person. And I loved Dick, uh, Batman saying "Robin," and Tim answering, only to have Dick saying, "the other Robin." A nice little running gag. As a tie-in, it worked because it fit the main event and still was a compelling story on its own, with a conclusion that still leaves things open to be resolved in the main event.

Green Lantern 46
Blackest Night continues, with Sinestro, Carol/Star Sapphire, and Hal brought together to face a common enemy without losing any of the tension you'd expect from an alliance between Hal and Sinestro. And that last page with Abin promises the next issue should be even better.

Supergirl Annual 1
The first story served mainly to reveal Kryptonians living among humans, but was otherwise ordinary. The second story, revealing how Lucy Lane became Superwoman, filled in the backstory nicely and leads into an upcoming storyline, promo'ed at the book's end. The art was a bit weird, though, with some rather exaggerated bodies and poses.

Supergirl 46
Reactron was a real baby once he got overpowered by Flamebird who lived up to her name. Nice character bits here. I'm so glad to have this book be a must-read, the way it should be.

No more reviews for a couple of weeks as I'll be away and not picking up new comics or reading any until I get back home. See ya then!


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM EST

    Thanks for the nice powergirl review. like your reviews in general.

  2. Wow, cool. I've been a fan of yours for a long time, Jimmy, and it was nice of you to comment. :)