Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Might Never Catch Up

 Back from vacation and trying to get through the stacks and stacks of comics. It's an uphill battle, for sure. Here's what I read so far.

JSA vs Kobra 6/6
The end, but not. I like the ambiguous ending. Kobra is still out there, still a serious threat, yet the immediate danger is past. Trautmann nailed the characters and made Jason Burr truly scary. And the art by Kramer and Babinski was topnotch throughout the 6 issues. I love the realism. I love how the women, especially Power Girl looked sexy, not sexualized. This is the JSA I love and I will miss it.

Detective 858
Intriguing look at Kate's past in the Batwoman story and a nice conclusion to Renee's Question story. The book continues to entertain.

Wonder Woman 37
I'm not sure where Gail Simone is headed with her version of WW, but I'm happy to be along for the ride. It was nice seeing Donna and Amazonian politics sure can get complicated. I missed having Lopresti's art inside. Bernard Chang is okay, but he doesn't fully capture the beauty and elegance of Diana.

Secret Six 15
It doesn't get much better than this book. Even a fill-in story is cause for celebration, especially when Ostrander gives us a look into Deadshot's past. Calafiore's art is quite nice and LuVisi's cover rocked. This is Floyd in all his un-glory.

Batgirl 4
This is shaping up to be a book about empowerment, for females and for the disabled. Stephanie is a fresh, fun Batgirl, having Babs as her mentor keeps things grounded, and the continued appearance of Wendy as she tries to deal with her disability with Babs trying to help are setting a nice tone for the book. Even most of the supporting cast -- Leslie, Steph's mom -- keep this a female-centric title. I've now officially added this to my Pull List.

Booster Gold 26
Jaime guest stars, as does an undead Ted Kord in a solid Blackest Night crossover. I'm a bit confused by the flashes to Ted's funeral, though. As I recall, Michael didn't go help Ted go after Max because he was in the hospital, so Michael blaming himself for not being there for Ted seemed a bit of an over reaction.

Titans 19
No longer on my Pull List, but it featured Roy, so I bought it. That none of the other Titans appeared was almost a plus, as they'd become rather peevish and annoying and the reason I dropped the book. Okay, so the poor writing was the real reason, but still... the poor writing made them all annoying. It was nice to see Lian and Mia, even if no real new territory was covered -- single father trying to raise his daughter without influence of her assassin mom. We've seen this before. Still, the story served as a way to perhaps gracefully remove Roy from the Titans, perhaps, and covered his move with Lian to Star City. This might be the last time I see Roy, for a while, so it was a decent last story, not the trauma or botched story I'd been fearing. I'm not sure how Roy could afford to buy a house, or even rent one, as he has no visible means of support. With a number of his Titan friends joining the JLA while he's out of the League, Roy has been marginalized -- again -- by DC. I hope he'll show up somewhere again, but with my luck, it'll just be in Green Arrow and Black Canary which I stopped reading.

Speaking of GA/BC, I glanced through the latest issue at the comics shop and saw something about Ollie not being Ollie. Seriously, people. It's one thing to do a story where someone kidnaps the hero and a double takes his place, but to repeat it later on shows a lack of imagination, IMO. Still, if it gets Ollie and Dinah back on track, that's good. And if Roy starts appearing regularly in the book, I might have to return it to my Pull List.


  1. All good books. I don't read Titans or Green Arrow/Black Canary either, but picked both of them up this week, based solely on their covers, and was pleasantly surprised. Not fabulous, but not bad. Not bad at all.

  2. It's sad that something "not bad at all" is now considered a pleasant surprise. ;)

  3. GA/BC was done well tbh. And it does look like Ollie and Dinah are sorting themselves out.

  4. Hmmmm.... I might have to actually buy that issue of GA/BC and maybe add it back onto my Pull List. I'll wait and see what folks think of the next few issues before deciding about the Pull List.