Saturday, November 14, 2009

Still Catching Up

And I have some more reviews.

Batman and Robin 6
This continues to entertain. I didn't like Jason Todd before the Joker killed him, and while he's been at least interesting since his return from the dead, I haven't much liked him, but he's so over the top here, that I must admit to having enjoyed the reading experience. Red Hood's ploy to unmask Dick and Damian on TV based on an audience vote was priceless, especially the woman who tells her husband, "Don't you get it? He's gonna be naked!" For that alone, the issue was worth reading, but the rest of the story was good, too. Dick and Damian make for a good team. I'm really enjoying the dynamic, even more than I did for Bruce and Dick.

Batman 692-693
Nice to see some of Gotham's supporting characters joining in the fun. Dick trying to enlist Selina's help made for fun reading, and it was good to see Helena and Babs. I'd like to see more of Babs and Dick in this. They really are a good couple, despite all the bumps (and there were some big ones) in their relationship. I'd love to see them get back together.

Gotham City Sirens 5
They don't come any loopier than Harley, and that gives this book its heart and soul. She's in control even if Selina is the bigger star of the book. And a Joker wannabe was a nice twist in the tale.

Blackest Night 4 
Just stunning art by Reis and Albert and Prado inking. Mera never looked better. And I liked seeing her with so much panel time. Atom was handled well, as was Flash. Having Damage become a Black Lantern was a frightening turn of events, pushing the power levels to 100 per cent. Things have moved a bit slowly, but we're in the thick of it now.

Green Lantern 47
More battling, but the story doesn't move forward much here. The real action was apparently in Green Lantern Corps. I don't read that, so haven't picked up the Blackest Night issues, but I do know what happened there thanks to my fellow comic bloggers reviewing it and I hope those events will play out or affect the goings on in the Blackest Night books I am reading.

WildCats 15-16
Tao was always one scary villain and he's back! Even scarier and more diabolical than before. Nice byplay between Zealot and Majestros, giving Savant serious parent problems. I like the way this incarnation of the title is playing out.

Zorro 16
Good, as usual, but mostly setting up the next story arc. Yet, even what feels like filler is well done in this book.


  1. These are all awfully good books. I'm enjoying the heck out Batman and Robin, and I'm not even much of a Bat fan!

    Blackest Night has been excellent, and so have the two Green Lantern books. You aren't reading GLC? There was one HECK of a development!

    Oh Kyle!

  2. Yeah, I probably should have read at least the Blackest Night GLCs. Ah, well, nothing like hindsight. ;)

    As for Batman, I wasn't really a Bruce/Bats fan, but I am a Dick Grayson fan.