Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some More Reviews Maybe Spoilerish

Green Lantern 48 and Blackest Night 5/8
GL was fairly routine, moving characters into place for Blackest Night. BN 5 was a bit of a shocker at the end. The whole nature of death in the DCU concept is being put to the test with Bruce's temporary animation and a setback for the heroes who've already cheated death at least once. With plenty more to come, the tension is definitely ratcheting up.

Flash Rebirth 5/6
Very nice, especially new costumes and Irey West's transformation after helping her brother, thanks to Liberty Belle. This series is really bringing home the whole Flash family feeling. Unlike the extended Bat family, these are characters who truly are a family, and many are related to each other. I can't wait for next issue. This started dully, but has become a most enjoyable read.

Supergirl 47
The character and plot complexities Gates has brought to this title have made me actually forget how awful this reboot of the Supergirl character and title was. Kara is firmly rooted in the Superman family, the insights into Kryptonian politics are well done, and Alura has become a fascinating character. The flashbacks to her courtship by Zor effectively show her personality and how she became the woman we see now. This has become one of the books I can't wait to read each month.

Streets of Gotham 6
A surprisingly sweet ending to the Man-Bat story, with a guest turn from Batman. I'm glad Kirk wasn't completely lost to Man-Bat. And finally, in the Manhunter story Kate and Dylan are reunited, sorta. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next in that story!

Wonder Woman 38
Things are not going well for Diana. I don't usually have a problem with stories that bring heroes to the very brink of destruction, taking away all they have, getting back to their essence and seeing them triumph, but this is going on a bit long, I think. I was glad to see Donna, but I'm really wondering if the Amazons will be around when this is all over. And we've got Wonder Woman Blacknest Night coming, too. Oy vey.

Detective 859
I've been loving the flashbacks to Kate's childhood and how she became Batwoman. I love her relationship with her father. In fact, he's fast becoming one of my favorite supporting characters. And Kate's first encounter with Batman was priceless. Nothing special in the Question story, just a solid installment in the current story.

Gotham City Sirens 6
I don't know why I like this as much as I do. It's silly, but Harley is so over the top loopy, I can't help it. And with Ivy and Selina to keep things grounded, well, what can I say? I'm enjoying the fluff.


  1. Really some excellent books. I can actually read your site again! For some reason, I couldn't get on, but I just installed some updates, and boy howdy, here we are!

  2. I had been wondering where you'd disappeared to, Sally, because you usually comment here. :)

    I'm so far behind, on everything.