Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Things Like This with Spoiler

That really annoys me. From DC's The Source:
"...the Emerald Archer continues to seek out his own brand of Justice from those responsible for the tragedies that have befallen him."
Uh, befallen him? Roy's the one without the arm. Roy's the one who lost his daughter. Really, people, let's get real. 

I suppose it's in character for Ollie to be so self-centered, but this is more the PR spin from the suits than a character trait, unless when Rise and Fall issues start appearing, Ollie is this much of a prick. Because, really, this is a bit much for even him. 

Surely, there could be better ways to word this to emphasize Ollie's role in the upcoming storyline without making the loss sound like his and his alone.

I really want the Rise and Fall story to be good and I really want to like it. I liked the story J.T. Krul wrote focusing on Roy and Lian and think he's a good writer. But the hype has me nervous. Sure, Ollie's the main character and Roy will always be secondary, so the focus should be on Ollie, but there's something missing here, at least in the teasers. I hope there's nothing missing, something emotional and meaningful for Roy and his place in the DCU, in the actual issues.

Sometimes, I wish it had been Roy who'd been killed. At least then I could be done with the Arrow Family. This way, I have to keep reading because Roy's my favorite character. Damn it, DC! You guys had better deliver the goods.


  1. I agree -- this SHOULD be all about Roy, not Ollie. However, Ollie does have a history of going a bit off the deep end whenever he kills someone or THINKS he's killed someone. So, creating a storyline based on THAT really makes sense for the character.

    Assuming Aquaman comes back from the dead at the end of Blackest Night, he and Ollie need to hook up. Seriously.

  2. No matter what happens, Ollie always manages to hi-jack the angst. It's ALWAYS about him. Even when it isn't. Especially when it isn't.

    Poor Roy. he's really going to be having a crappy time.

  3. How about the Dead Heroes League: Ollie, Aquaman, Hal, Barry... ;)

  4. you know, even if Ollie is the primary char right now they could be making this about Roy, thereby propelling him into the big leagues. there is no reason why not. but oohh no, ollie's ego is taking over.

  5. I think J.T. Krul will make the Arsenal mini about Roy. I think he's shown a decent feel for the character and he's said he's a fan. But Ollie will always intrude. If Roy can come out of this a major player, that's great. He certainly didn't get much to do in JLA once Meltzer left the book. But Roy without Lian is too painful to contemplate.