Friday, March 05, 2010

Some Reviews

Some reviews to distract me. But I'll have a post about Lian Harper up either later today or this weekend.

Detective 862
Looks like we'll be getting a storyline with Bette. Cool! The current story is pretty good, too. But the highlight for me was The Question, with Renee meeting Helena's contact: Commissioner Gordon's daughter. Renee's jaw-dropping reaction was priceless.

Green Lantern 51
And we're in the home stretch for Blackest Night! This was a strong chapter and that ending gave me chills.

Blackest Night 7/8
Sinestro is probably Hal's greatest enemy, mostly because he's not evil. He truly believes he knows best what's right. He's a worthy adversary and his role in BN has been awesome. This is one universe-wide storyline that's delivering the goods.

Batman 696
Never let it be said that Dick's had it easy as Batman, but I hope, when Bruce returns, he's proud of how Dick filled his shoes, because I am. Never should Dick be considered a sidekick again after this.

Power Girl 9
The fun continues. I love how Amanda Conner finds ways to hide PG's uh, body parts while she's running around naked. Conner is one of the finest artists when it comes to bringing fun back to comics. And it's good to see Terra back.

Streets of Gotham 9
The Batman story isn't as strong as the one playing out in Batman, but it had heart and was well done. The Manhunter story was good, but in such short chapters isn't as effective as when she had her own book.

Supergirl 50
I got the Turner cover. Not my favorite artist, but it's a nice tribute. The main story was wonderful and it was fun seeing Lana as Insect Queen, and fortunately, not the campy version from the '60s. Kara walking out on Lana after Lana recovers might seem harsh, but it rang true to me. Sure, Lana had good reasons for lying, or rather, keeping the truth from Kara, but Kara was understandably hurt by that, given all the turmoil in her own life: her father's death, her mother's coldness. So, like the teen she is, she lashed out at Lana. The short that followed by Helen Slater and Jake Black was cute, a nice companion piece in a milestone issue and Cliff Chiang's art was nice, but it wasn't all that special, either.

Green Arrow 30: Black Lantern Green Arrow
This was awesome. I could look at that cover forever. A nice homage to an earlier era in GA and GL's lives. Ollie trying to fight the BL part of him was nice, as was seeing Connor and Mia. And J.T. Krul has a nice handle on what makes Ollie tick, so I'm trying to remain hopeful re: the Rise and Fall storyline. But it was the art by Neves, Jose, and Cifuentes that made this issue.

Wonder Woman 41
Nice wrap-up. The art committee of Batista, Dagnino, Hazlewood, and Fernandez drew WW and PG as powerful, sexy women without oversexualizing them, always a plus, and Gail wrote a solid story. However, the shift in art toward the end was a bit disconcerting, especially when Diana's hair went from wavy to almost straight. Also, the rope holding on PG's cape changed into some sort of strap toward the end. Whoever drew the last few pages was a bit lazier, rushed, or less detailed oriented than whoever drew the first part of the book.

Gotham City Sirens 9
I love Selina, but I never thought I'd enjoy Ivy and Harley so much. And methinks Ed Nigma might return to a live of crime sooner than later, which would be a pity, because he makes a great PI.

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  1. See, there WERE some good books out lately! Blackest Night and Green Lantern have me on the edge of my seat, naturally. The BN: Green Arrow special issue was very well done.

    Wonder Woman just cracked me up. The punch to Canada just started everything off on exactly the right foot. And I've been enjoying Gotham City Sirens a whole heck of a lot more than I originally thought that I would.