Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Catch-Up

I am so far behind. Here are a few comics I recently read.

Secret Six
Gail Simone at her best. And it's a child in jeopardy story. And the child is a boy. And I'm betting the outcome will be better for the boy than it was for Lian Harper in Cry for Justice. And no, I can't get over her death. So, expect more ranting now and then. Cheshire is such a fascinating character, so the next installment should be most entertaining.

Batman 697
Creepy. As long as Dick successfully fills the role of Batman, I'm happy. Let's just say, I'm happy.

Supergirl 51
This issue really packed a punch and not just on the cover. Some major action for Kara and her mother. I'm not reading the Superman chapters, so this is a bit disjointed for me, but as long as Kara shines here, I'm happy. Let's just say, I'm happy.

Batgirl 8
Red Robin visits. Not as much fun as Steph and Damian, but a solid issue, given Steph's history with Tim. However, since I don't read Red Robin, I won't be reading the follow-up there.

And from this week...

Power Girl 10
If Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner aren't the perfect team for this book, no one is. I'll miss them on this book. Kara handles a blackmailing teen and a strangely acting Terra, the latter which is harder than the former.

I did read Rise and Fall of Arsenal 1. Looks like they're going down the druggie path, as I expected, at least for a bit. And we finally got, in flashback, the action between Prometheus and Roy that reveals how Roy lost his arm. The book didn't suck. I want to think on it a bit more before making more in-depth comments. Maybe I should wait til the story concludes before I really tackle the story. But the good news is, it didn't suck and even had some real emotion.


  1. It still worries me, though, that the title is RISE AND FALL of Roy Harper. Does that mean things are going to get even worse for our poor put-upon hero? And if he's actually already risen -- well, that's also not saying much for the poor guy, is it?

  2. LOL. I was wondering the same thing. I guess Fall and Rise didn't make as good a title. At least, I hope that's the case. Supposedly, Ollie and Roy are to come out of this arc stronger than ever, but I'm afraid to hope. After all, Lian will still be dead and Roy will no longer be a father and that makes me very sad.