Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brief Reviews

Gotham City Sirens 16
There's an interesting story in here straining to get out. As a first chapter, this was one of the more disjointed bits of comics storytelling I've encountered. If we don't get explanations for why Zatanna felt the need to pop in on Selina while she was bathing to give her a warning that's as cryptic as could be, and therefore, unhelpful, or why Talia actually needs Oracle to learn where Selina is, especially since Talia is already on scene at the "trap" she says Selina is walking into... well, I can't wait, because nothing I can come up with makes any sense. The whole issue read like an excuse for a bunch of cameos. I hope chapter 2 is a better. A lot better, because I'm getting worried a fun book could quickly go down the tubes.

Green Arrow 4
More weirdness, with a brief visit from the Martian Manhunter. There's something so over the top about this book, but it is entertaining and intriguing, and the art is very nice to look at.

Supergirl 56
I read this last week, but forgot to post a review. Bizarros were never my favorites in the Superman books, but Gates is making me really enjoy the Supergirl version. He's really uh, fleshed out Bizarro SG as a full-fledged character and I like the Bizarro world. Much fun in this issue, with some real emotional bits.

Power Girl 16
The art is growing on me, though not nearly as expressive as Connor's version of PG. The story isn't bad, but there's something about the relationship between PG and Nicco, her techie who discovered her ID. I keep thinking this is shaping up as a lesser version of Manhunter and Dylan.

Mademoiselle Marie One-Shot
I love the character and the Bolland cover is lovely, so I picked this up today. The story was okay. Hardly must-read material, but a nice diversion. The art by Justiniano and Derenick on pencils and Mangum on inks was pleasing, but there was a bit of an annoyance, with a blonde female character reminding me, in too many panels, of Zinda, currently holding forth as one of the Birds of Prey. It was a distraction.r


  1. I saw the Mme Marie book yesturday, and hesitated, but ended up passing it by.

    Your thoughts about Gotham City Sirens and Green Arrow on the other hand, echo my own.

    Eerie? Or do great minds simply think alike?

  2. I have noticed that we do think alike about a lot of the books. I prefer to think of it as great minds thinking alike! :)

  3. Heh. I like to think that we both just have INCREDIBLY good taste.