Thursday, October 07, 2010

Comic Con

Tomorrow is the start of New York Comic Con! I'll be there! Will you?

There will be photos. I don't buy comics much there as I get what I need at my local shop, which is Forbidden Planet, but I do buy toys if I find things I need. There is no want. There is just need. I've become such a toy addict!


  1. You are SO lucky. Go forth and buy toys. Many many toys.

  2. I bought toys. The Tonner Strider doll, some Ugly Doll keychains, but not as much as I'd wanted. Diamond Select seems to not be doing anything of interest. DC previewed a few new things. But it seems with the con so late in the year this time, all the good toys were previewed at San Diego, maybe, because there didn't seem to be much here at all. I did have a nice chat with Jamal Igle, tho.