Saturday, October 09, 2010

NYCC Day 1

As a librarian, I get in for the Professional Previews, which isn't nearly enough time before the crowds are let in. I did get to have a nice, fairly long chat (15-20 min) with Jamal Igle about Supergirl and other stuff. He was super nice, always coming back to our conversation after other people stopped by to say hi to him. He was wearing a Mets shirt, so we commiserated briefly. There weren't many other folks in Artists' Alley in the morning, so I was glad he was there and is so accessible to fans.
Jamal Igle
I did get a few minutes to have a nice chat with someone at one of the publishers' booths (can't remember which one now) about the high end compilations of comic strips, plus a discussion about Modesty Blaise, so that was nice.

Things got very hectic, hot, and crowded after that. I don't do panels anymore and I don't like standing on lines (my legs don't like it for too long), so I mostly just wander the Exhibit Hall. I did meet up with a friend in the afternoon. It got impossible to move in some spots, mostly by the toy vendors. And there really wasn't much by way of new toys or toy previews. DC did have some nice statues and action figures.

But missing were the big toy displays. And I didn't see any Stormtroopers wandering around. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. No Storm Troopers? What is the world coming to?
    But those are some very pretty statues.

  2. Oh I so want the Batgril Hawkgirl and WW cover girls one!

  3. They are nice, aren't they? :)