Sunday, October 10, 2010

NYCC Day 2

I got there a bit later today. It was absolutely gorgeous out. I don't recall seeing such a perfect blue sky like that before, so there I was, engaging in an indoor activity!

I met up with a friend who is more into toys than comics. She's very into rubber duckies and was dressed all in yellow, complete with a yellow wig, and was handing out rubber duckies, making her very popular with children of all ages.

I also met up for a while with a flickr contact -- our first face-2-face meeting -- which was nice. Later in the afternoon, I was on my own and ended up spending all my time for the day in Artists Alley. I had a lovely chat, again, with Jamal Igle (actually, we chatted a few times over the afternoon as I had to go back to tell him I was much reassured about Supergirl after my chat with Bernard Chang -- more on that in a bit). Jamal remembered my name (well, it was only since yesterday, but he must've met a lot of folks since then) which was very cool. He's so nice and accessible.

I did talk with Bernard Chang and explained my feelings about Supergirl. He had a book of uncolored pages from an upcoming Supergirl issue he drew and I must say, it looks great. He did say that if I have concerns about how he's doing, to let him know. The email link is on the site. If you like his work, show him support. He said he's signed for just a 5-issue arc, then things are up in the air re: a regular artist for the book.
Bernard Chang
I don't collect much art or autographs these days. That was a younger me, I guess. These days, I'm happy to mostly just chat with people whose work I admire. Art and autographs are like souvenirs to show you met someone. I now prefer to take pictures of them! :)

I did get to tell Ramona Fradon how much it meant to me when I was growing up to see a woman's name in the art credits and she was responsible for many hours of entertainment for me all those years ago. She was sweet and gracious.
Ramona Fradon
I also got to tell Adam Hughes (great URL!) how much I love his art and he nicely posed for a photo. I did have to ask him to smile. ;)
Adam Hughes
One autograph I did get was Cliff Chiang, mostly because I wanted to buy the lovely set of largish postcard-sized prints "Atomic Bombshells."

Cliff Chiang
Atomic Bombshells
I also had a wonderful chat with John Lustig of Last Kiss Comics, which uses old romance comic panels with new dialogue and/or captions for wonderfully satiric results. He told me he had a deal with Dark Horse to do a line of tie-in products, such as mugs and stickers (I'm working off memory here). They should be very cool. He was selling tee-shirts at his table, among other fun stuff. If you haven't seen Last Kiss Comics, do take a look.

John Lustig

Before I left, I checked to see if Amanda Conner was back at her table and she was! And there was a line! But I got on it and snapped a few pics while she did sketches for folks ahead of me, then a couple of pics with her and the toys I'd brought. She didn't remember meeting me before, but she did remember my stormtrooper when I pulled him out for her to pose with.
Amanda Conner Sketching Supergirl

Amanda with Biker Betty Boop Rubber Duck

Amanda Warmly Greets Steve, My Little Stormtrooper

I spent some time taking pictures of folks in cool costumes. I didn't pick up much today, because, well, when you hit middle-age, you start to realize you've accumulated a lot of crap, much more than you need, free or not. So, I'm a bit fussy these days re: what freebies I bring home.

I'll blog more about that later on. I'll be back at the con tomorrow to take more pics. You can view all my pics from the con on my flickr pages. They're at the end of the NYCC and Other Comics Events set.


  1. Did Chang say whether Spencer was signed onto Supergirl for more than 5 issues?
    *fears another revolving door of creators*

  2. I didn't ask him. He wasn't as chatty as Igle. But I did get the impression from him that he and Spencer are being given the 5-issue arc and then the PTB will decide if they continue on the book. It's very nerve-wracking.

  3. It sounds and looks as though you had a wonderful time. I am GREEN with envy.

  4. Oh yeah. It was crazy and hectic, but loads of fun. Today I got sketches.