Monday, January 24, 2011

From Brightest Day to Supergirl

I finally got last week's comics, so I took a break from catching up to read some of them.

Brightest Day 18
Aside from picky little things, like Boston Brand looking far younger than he should (or has it been retconned that he was young when he was killed), I'm really enjoying this. Carol has developed into a hero in her own right and an independent woman who doesn't need Green Lantern or Hal Jordan to be relevant. The cover with the Hawks is lovely and much as I enjoyed Kendra and wish she hadn't died, this is the Hawkgirl I grew up with and love, so seeing the curse broken was wonderful, but as things go in the DCU, it looks like things were better for them under that damned curse. And am I the only one worried about Boston's grandfather being left on his own somewhere while Boston disappears under the control of the White Lantern Ring? Lovely art, too.

Batman: Streets of Gotham 19
The Joker on the white background cover works well here. Hush is particularly annoying, and as this is a Bruce/Batman story, not one with Dick, my interest waned a bit. But still, a solid chapter.

Batman 706
What a great cover! Dick looks awesome. It never fails to get to me how big and muscular and powerful he looks by himself as Batman, but still, next to Bruce as Batman, not so much. Tony Daniel's double duty on story and art didn't detract from either, and I love Damian needing to come to Dick's aid. It's not as if Bruce never needed help from Dick/Robin, but I hope Dick needing help to get out of nasty fixes doesn't become a trend. He's earned the right to be Batman of Gotham City and I don't want that to look like a mistake.

Supergirl 60
Given the poor start to this book and how vapid Kara was, it's nice to see it reach its 60th issue and in fine form. The storytelling isn't as tight as under Gates, but it didn't suck, so that's a plus. But it's hard enough to follow two alternating plot threads, but three was a bit much. Chang's art is also nice, though not nearly as good as Igle's. But it's easy on the eyes, and the coloring really helped. The overtones of The Social Network were fun and chilling at the same time. So, while I'm not thrilled to have a new team on the book, I still have reason to read it.

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  1. Brightest Day really was a heck of a book. It's nice after a bit of a slow start, to see everything starting to fit together.