Sunday, January 23, 2011

Legacies, Freedom Fighters, and First Wave

I really can't explain how I got this far behind. No, wait. I can. Facebook games! Specifically, Frontierville and now Cityville. Plus being too tired after work to read. Plus having a gazillion other things to do and falling behind on them, too.

So, yesterday, I got caught up with three more books.

Legacies is not quite what I'd expected. I like the storyline of the narrator. I hadn't realized that would be the framing device and I like how Len Wein is weaving the man's love of costumed crimefighters with both his own life and the world around him. Nicely done. The art has been good and in some instances, superb. The choice of art style for each issue really fits the time frame.

The main thing I wasn't prepared for is that this isn't really the true history because it's told through the view of a human cop, from boyhood through adulthood, who isn't/wasn't privy to all the nuances and events. This is history based on the post-Crisis DCU, so while Crisis happened, it didn't happen the way it did originally and it didn't collapse the multiverse, which didn't exist in the new consciousness. Therefore, the JSA/Golden Age characters are now not from another Earth, but from the past of the one Earth. Apparently, that means there was no Supergirl so we don't get her death and how it affected Superman. That for me was the most glaring absence, but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of what I've read so far.

Freedom Fighters is somehow more complex and intricately plotted than the preceding limited series from Palmiotti and Gray, and as scary conspiracy-wise. There's a lot going on here and we've been left in a real cliffhanger.

I'd really been looking forward to reading the First Wave books, thanks to the great introduction in Batman/Doc Savage. Of all the DCU characters, Batman is perhaps best suited for this new realm, especially a younger, less experienced Batman who uses guns and is still finding his way to really being a hero. Background comes out gradually in the stories, and I'm enjoying the process of discovery along with the adventure. The First Wave opening arc is a long one, featuring The Bat Man, Doc Savage, The Spirit, and a bunch of supporting characters who may or may not be all that trustworthy. And how can I not be excited by a book with a version of Rima the Jungle Girl!

I'm now eagerly awaiting the concluding chapter to this complex, densely plotted story. The art has been amazing. Rags Morales is at the top of his game here, and while I prefer the art on the issues he did by himself, Rick Bryant's inking on the others is just fine. 


  1. Still chipping away? I haven't read either of the two latter series, but I've enjoyed the Legacies book for the most part. There are a few caveats with the later ones, but what the heck.

  2. Sally, you wouldn't believe how many unread comics I have here. I really have no idea how I got this far behind. I won't be reviewing all of them because they've been here for years and I do like to keep the reviews reasonably fresh.

    Then there are the stacks of graphic novels and compilations of comics I haven't read in the monthlies.

    First Wave is somewhat noirish, which I like. I'm reading the Doc Savage books now and then comes the latest version of The Spirit.