Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Catching Up

Hurt my shoulder, so I've been reading comics instead of playing Facebook games! Am all caught up on Green Lantern which is fitting in nicely with Brightest Day. I'm really loving Carol Ferris as a Star Sapphire. She has a real identity now and she's not a villain. Now if only they'd fix that costume. And Larfleeze is such fun. And Sinestro has become a wonderfully complex character. Good stuff here.

Caught up on the Bat books, too. Wow. I'm in awe of the details Grant Morrison worked into the books over time and how he set things up. Both Batman and Detective have been great and I especially enjoyed catching up with Batman and Robin. I loved The Return of Bruce Wayne and the way everything tied together with the other books. I was less impressed with the Return One-Shots, especially since I thought they were each standalones and got the ones with the characters I like only and didn't get the others. I could try to find those, I guess, but the overall story didn't thrill me. I was mostly interested in seeing everyone react to Bruce's return, and I got enough of that in what I did read. The scenes in Batman and Robin were my favorites. Dick's injured, Damian is ... well, Damian, and Bruce shows up. Great stuff there.

The only One-Shot I really enjoyed was the one with Batgirl. Bruce was right. Steph did need to prove something, to him, to herself, and it was a nice recap of their history together and taking things to the next level. She's now accepted by him as a member of the Bat team, which is awesome. She was never a character I cared about one way or the other, since I didn't really read her when she was Spoiler. I only started reading the Bat books again (other than Catwoman and Birds of Prey and Nightwing) when Dick took over as Bats. But I did read the crime war story and thought Steph got a raw deal. If Bruce had trusted her, she would never have done what she did and started the war. That's when I started to get interested in her and she was killed, so I was glad when she was brought back and became Batgirl. She's become a strong character and a fun one. She deserves this chance.

I liked the first story in Batman Incorporated, but will reserve judgment before deciding if it belongs on my pull list. I like Bruce, but he doesn't interest me as much as Dick. I guess it depends on the Bat folk Bruce recruits, what their stories and personalities are, that will decide it for me.

Now to figure out what to read next. The stacks are still rather tall.


  1. But just think of the fun that you are having, whittling those tall stacks down!

    I have to admit that I think Carol has been doing a pretty darned good job as the new Queen of the Star Sapphires, considering she doesn't really have much of an instruction manual. You should see the bit with her and the Hawks in the latest Brightest Day!

  2. I have been having fun! :)

    I didn't get out to get comics this week due to the shoulder injury. I hope I can get them next week. I need the latest Bat books, plus Brightest Day. Now that I'm caught up with some things, I'm in the middle of stories. Eek. ;)