Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whittling Down the Stacks

I'm working my way slowly through the enormous build-up of comics here and can't decide if it's worth blogging about anything more than a month old. Some of them have been sitting her for a year or longer.

I caught up with Gotham City Sirens and am glad Zatanna did right by Selina and figured out Talia's scheme. And I really liked Jeremy Haun's art on #18.

I'm caught up with Green Arrow, too, and damn it, but I'm still interested. It's nothing I couldn't live without reading, but it's keeping me wanting to read it, so that's a plus these days. The dovetailing with Brightest Day is mostly well done.

As for Brightest Day, I'm caught up now with the regular book and Flash, and am now on Green Lantern. I'm not thrilled with some of the stories (Martian Manhunter and the Hawks' segments aren't as entertaining as I'd like), but others are actually rather good. I really like how the new Aqualad was introduced and his origin, one of the better bits of retconning, along with Mera's background. This is how retconning should be done, where it isn't really a retcon but an enhancement. It doesn't change what's happened to this point, but it adds new backstory that brings new meaning to what we know. Really nice job on this. Mera has a sister! And they don't get along. Reminds me a bit of Koriandr and her sister.

I also like the bits with Boston Brand/Deadman adjusting to being human again, and I think he and Dove are cute together. Nothing lasting is likely to come from it, but it's rather sweet.

So, as I work my way through the mass of unread comics, I'll try to hold reviewing to general statements as above, or reviews of the more recent titles/issues only. Unless folks want me to discuss books published a year ago. ;)


  1. Oh, you can comment on any old thing you like! I'm reading forty year old comics, and can't help myself from babbling about them.

    Green Arrow actually hasn't been bad. It's certainly an improvement on the Green Arrow/Black Canary books, that I WANTED to like, since I am fond of the characters, but which were pretty goshdarned awful.

    And Brightest Day has been pretty decent as well. Even Justice League:Lost Generation isn't bad, at least when Winick isn't writing Fire or Ice.

    Actually I rather envy your being able to sit down with a HUGE pile of comics.

  2. Thanks, Sally. Huge is the operative word! I'm not sure how I got so far behind. But it is fun working through them. :)