Friday, January 14, 2011

Women of DC in 2 and 3 D

I like the January cover scheme with the logo design, but it's a bit annoying to have to read the fairly small header font to get the titles, especially for books that feature the same characters or that have a "guest" character on the cover.

That said, the cover for Birds of Prey 8 is very nice, with Dinah front and center. The interior art by Guillem March is quite nice, so until we get the new regular artist here, I have to say the fill-ins have included some great stuff. Penguin is looking rather bizarre and well, Penguin-like! The Calculator vs Oracle storyline is a good one, and I like that Gail is using what happened between the two in Batgirl. Nice continuity there! I'm still way behind on my comics reading, especially the Bat books, so I'm a bit out of it when it comes to Batman and had to read a bit to know we were seeing Bruce, not Dick. I wonder if I'll ever catch up. Maybe when I retire! ;)

Batgirl 17 has my favorite of the January DC covers so far. Steph just looks great and her pose works nicely with her Bat logo. The story was lightweight, but worth it for the Steph/Damian interactions. I loved when she realized he doesn't know how to play. Cool stuff.

As for the 3D DC woman, here's a photo of something else I picked up this week. Along with the Black Lantern Wonder Woman, Mera was the only other Blackest Night figure I wanted. Doesn't she look fantastic? They did an awesome job on her, I think.
Blackest Night Mera


  1. That is a really gorgeous version of Mera. I wish that they'd bring out a Blackest Night version of Ice, but that wish probably won't be fulfulled.


    But yes, Birds of Prey was a nice story. It will be interesting to see how Dinah fights back...because no matter what whashername says, she WILL come back.

  2. They rarely do the figs I want, so it's always nice when they do. It would've been nice to have a Lian. *sniff*

    I thought about the bit with Dinah and it had to happen to her, not the others, because she's the strongest mentally, and would have the best chance to beat it.

  3. Love that mera firgure, I really wanted the BHN Wondy too, but it is not to be. (no room for all the figures I want) I'll just have the reread the comics!

  4. I actually keep most of my action figures in shoeboxes, and take them out for photo ops. And I'm still running out of room. :)