Sunday, February 06, 2011

Latest Reviews

Freedom Fighters 6
The convoluted political plot gets more convoluted yet intriguing at the same time. Discord in the ranks, Uncle Sam is still missing, Joan is getting on my nerves, and poor Andre is paralyzed. Can't wait to see how this all gets resolved.

Brightest Day 19: Aquawar!
Egads, I am both fascinated and kinda repulsed by this. We learn more about the White Lantern's motives and schemes, and it looks like the resurrected were brought back to they can resolve issues before dying again, or so it seems was the fate of the Hawks. But it's the Aquaman storyline that was icky, with Arthur having his hand chopped off again. (What is it with DC and forced amputations, anyway?) And the art was ... uh, let's just say the art team copped out, with just a smooth red surface where tendons and arteries and veins and muscles should be. Cop-out! If you're gonna show something like this, either angle it in such a way so we don't see the actual wound, or show it realistically. Brightest Day, my butt. Now, I didn't think this was gonna be an all sweetness and light storyline, but I'm starting to OD on all this trauma and angst. So while I'm enjoying this because it's got nice art and solid writing, I'm really wondering if I should bother with Flashpoint. I think I need a breather from all these long storylines that affect all the DCU books.

Secret Six 30
Love and hate this. Love love love Bane's negotiations for a date. Love all the byplay, as usual. Hate that this is continued in Doom Patrol which I don't read. I got tired of all the revamped and reboots of Doom Patrol. I think it was the version before the current one that I really enjoyed, but I've lost track. The original was good, too, when Beast Boy was with the team but not a full member. But I really don't know the current version and don't want to have to get an issue of a book I don't read to get the end of the story. feh.

Gotham City Sirens 19
It's nice every now and then for Harley to get serious and remind folks she used to be a therapist. Of course, she's nuttier than any of her patients ever were, so her talk with Selina just gets her obsessing over Joker again and off she goes, planning to kill him. This cannot end well. Which makes this a fun comic. Between this and Secret Six, two of my favorite comics feature the "bad guys/gals." I never would've thought I'd be saying that, and yet, here I am, saying it and it's true. Of course, I still count many good guy books among my faves, so I haven't turned completely toward depravity. ;)

Time Masters: Vanishing Point 6
Finally, this comes to a conclusion. And the pretense that started this journey, of finding Bruce Wayne, can be forgotten as Bruce got back on his own. This sets up Flashpoint, which as I said above, I'm ambivalent about. However, the best part of this has been Rip and Michael. I should've guessed it was the older Michael in the Supernova suit. Replacing Vanishing Point with an earlier version of itself was pretty cool, and we learn that Rip's mother is a blond. And Dan Jurgens should be back on Booster Gold soon, which will be a relief. I love what he's done with these characters and I want more!


  1. Poor old Aquaman. That was one incredibly clean cut there...I would have expected something like maybe some BONE or whatever.

    Secret Six just tickled my funny bone all the way through. I don't read Doom Patrol either, but I don't mind picking it up for this one crossover at least.

    Gotham City Sirens was pretty good. I find it interesting that a couple of our favoite books are basically about the villains, but there it is. I liked Suicide Squad for the same reason, and I swear that if they made a monthly Rogues book, I would BUY it!

    Time Masters really didn't have much to do with Batman at all, but I don't care, it was fun just to have Rip and Booster. And Superman and Hal being jerks.

  2. Yes, Hal and Supes were acting like jerks in TimeMasters, weren't they? ;) I liked Suicide Squad, too. I'd think a Rogues book with the right writer would be fun, too.