Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recent Reading

Batman and Robin 20
Much fun in the opening sequence, with movie night at the Wayne Residence. Dick, Tim, Damian, Alfie, and even Bruce sit down to enjoy The Mark of Zorro. Then things get weird when a body with wings falls from the sky when Dick goes to the opera. And then Man-Bat shows up. I'm so enjoying Dick as Batman.

Batgirl 18
Perhaps if I were younger -- a lot younger -- this little Valentine's Day tale would've appealed to me, but it didn't. Far too cutesy for my taste.

Birds of Prey 9
Aside from hating the reminders that Lian is dead and Roy is in a dark place, this rocked. Dinah's regrets are great and were well depicted, and her throwing off the influence of Mortis was well played. Go, Dinah! She has a very strong inner self. Everyone else was up to par, especially Zinda. I so love her. Oracle's apparent death might mean the end of Oracle, as planned, but I'm eagerly awaiting Babs' next chapter come next issue's story finale. Oh, and the cover by Lau was wonderfully realistic.

Detective 873
Finally. Took my LCS forever to get this, but finally, I was able to read how Dick got out of his latest predicament. I like the circus references. It's been nice that in recent years his heritage has been referenced so much. Jock's art suited the story well, nice and sketchy, detailed but not cluttered, and wonderfully expressive faces to fully depict the horrors in the story. Methinks Dick should take a few days downtime after this, to get the toxin out of his system and to re-energize. Sheesh, he's been through a lot since taking on the cowl.

Flash 9
Okay, Flashpoint looks intriguing. But I am NOT going to get every &%*$# book in the Flashpoint story. It's just too much. But there's enough wrongness and hints to keep me reading it in the books I do get, so I won't drop this as I'd been thinking I might.

Doc Savage 11
I miss the Justice Inc backup, lost with the smaller size/new lower price. The current Doc Savage story is complex and worth reading, but I was sticking with the book for the Justice Inc stories. I'll see how the current Doc tale concludes and what the next one is like before I decide if I should stick with this. Half the time I can't tell all the characters apart, and the dark coloring isn't helping.

Still not sure what to catch up with next from the stacks. There weren't very many votes in the poll. Okay, nearly no votes, and they were for different titles. I might try eenie meenie...

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  1. I too enjoyed the heck out of Batman and Robin AND Birds of Prey. Zinda just rocks.

    I don't plan on getting all of the Flashpoint books either. I'm still not sure if the Flashpoint books are supposed to actually replace the regular books for a month or two, or if they are in addition to the regular books. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.